Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Lovely Snoring Wife

You may think that this is Groucho and his girlfriend. Well, it is Groucho, but it is my wife that he is with! She was all over the place at this party......not a drop of wine either. Plain coke.
I cut her off early. I made her sleep in the family room that night. Not because I was mad at was the obnoxious snoring. She drinks nothing but root beer snoring! Love that girl.


  1. We swear by nasal strips. Hubby brings the roof down and the squirrels run, afraid.

  2. The dog is starting to snore like my they make nasal strips for dogs! LOL...Jude

  3. Oh Tommmmm.....
    You crake me up!
    How do you know I'm snoring when you are so loud?

  4. Tom,
    You have caught me at a total lost as to what to say....... but I agree with Christine!
    Dee Dee