Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Dear Lulu and Levi,

27 years ago, your mother was born. Kimberly. But in my mind and heart, she became my wonderful daughter Kimmy. It is hard to imagine that my little daughter is now 27 years old. As most parents do, we think back that it was just yesterday......

While holding Kimmy for the first time in the delivery room, she arched her back so hard that I almost dropped her.

And, thinking in the delivery room how absolutely wonderful it was to have a daughter. Also thinking that I wanted Kimmy to be one year old.......Thats when the real fun begins. I couldn't wait.

Visiting Cannon Beach......As a very young little girl, Kimmy could make it down to Haystack Rock (about 1 mile) without too much trouble, but she could barley think of the return trip, and about that time, she would give me that very sad, tired , hungry look.......OK Kimmy. Hop on my back, I'll carry you.....a few rest stops along the way of course.....

Kimmy sitting in the back of our station wagon, also at Cannon Beach, with the windows down, maybe 4 to 5 years old, yelling at people as they walked past the car......yelling funny things, or gibberish.....and then, like a statue, not moving, when those yelled at, looked for this little thing with so much mischief.

And your mommy also was good at getting her older brother in trouble. Kimmy would love to antagonize uncle Todd while they both were in the back seat of our huge Buick Electra. (it would seat about 20) For along time, Grandma and I would get mad at Todd when Kimmy would start crying that her brother had "touched her"...or..."hit her" in the back day I decided
to turn the rear view mirror so that I could watch the back seat......we found that as Kimmy would be looking out the window, she would all of a sudden yell out "Todd hit me!" Kimmy was a little trouble maker.

Lulu and Levi.....ask your mom about the copper sheet we used with's a pretty funny story.

I could go on and on......Your mommy, Lulu and Levi, is the best. She learned from the best, and has total love in her heart for you both. Your grandma and Papa are so proud of her. She is the best daughter, person, wife, and friend to all of us. People admire her, because she is a loving, and, wonderful mom, daughter, sister, friend, and wife!

Kimmy. I love you.



  1. What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful daughter! I'm sure she treasures it!

    out there... dee dee

  2. I just saw this! Thank you for that. It's funny to remember everything you posted. I was a little trouble maker. Thanks for being an amazing dad!

  3. Oh, this is just the sweetest post!!