Friday, March 12, 2010

Chair Man, and other oddities

Hello my fellow friends. This is Tom, your fellow friend, blogger, poster, and dancer. Remember, I used to do the gator, so yes, I have on my resume "dancer". Shut up Chris. Although I made it through the entire week without getting screamed at, I have been given the crabby look. Before I go on, scream is a funny my opinion, which I rarely give to anyone on anything, (unless of course I am right and my opinion is needed) the word, "scream" should never be used. Unless it is used in the grocery store and you must find the I Scream. I love I Scream. Vanilla. All other flavors I can do without. Tillamooks Chocolate-Peanut Butter...horrible. Safeway brand Butter Pecan.....don't waste your money. Any brand of Chocolate Chip Mint......I'd rather watch paint dry, which, by the way I did a few weeks back when sweetness and I painted our bathroom. I did all the painting, and the whole time my wife said that if I did a good job, and finish that day, that I could have one scoop of vanilla ice cream.
I love that lady. I did ask for 2 scoops. She said I could have a second scoop when I paint our house this summer.
Now, getting back to the original thought in the first paragraph.......I got the crabby look because
my 3 girlfriends were basically telling me that I was ignoring my blogger obligations to my pals. So, what the heck, I told 'em I'd go for it. I told them I'd do one next week, and they said fine. I'm fooling them. I'm doing it now! WOW. Brown Cow. I love poetry, especially when it rhymes. is a picture of my 3 girlfriends. Love them all. If you look carefully, you'll see that one of them has 6 toes. Weird. I'm just kidding. I'm the one with 6 toes.

Hi there. I just had a lesson on how to move words, and pictures, when blogging, posting, or whatever this is that I'm doing. Oh rats, my wife says I have to start cooking now, so I have to go. She's scary. Maybe I'll come back this evening when I'm done folding the clothes. You laugh....this is serious addition to dancing, I'm a folder. Good with socks and towels. By the way, I have two types of socks, and, only 2 colors. About 20 pairs of white for casual dining, and, about 2 pair of black for when I go jogging.

So a fond farewell from my chair, who I taught to smile....... and me. (the smiling chair is way at the top of this post in case you missed it). You are all good people out there..... decide to make a difference tomorrow. Take care. Eat I Scream. Tom

PS It took me 5 years to teach my chair to smile.


  1. Oh daddy....what in the world am I supposed to tell my children someday? You are truly one of a kind. Love you!

  2. Tom, I do believe that the smile is more of a man in the moon smirk!
    I love Iscream too, but I'm much more accepting of other flavors!
    Out there...
    Dee Dee

  3. Oh Tom, you have not had really good I Scream until you have tried Blue Bell. Their homemade vanilla is to die for, well not really die for but close to it. I have found it here in Fort Myers, FL. but not in Pennsylvania. OMG....I have a small bowl every night, yes every night. Jude