Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm doing fine.......

Right now not a cloud in the sky....about 70....and all my pals out there need to Google "Dungeness Spit". If you peoples out there do that, you may come to your own conclusion as to the meaning, and significance, of these 2 pictures. Or, what some of you call PIX. Me, I like pix.

Hopped in my Chrysler that's as big as a whale......

And, as you all know, from past posts / blogs / entries, that it did happen. was cool. Scary, but cool. I will try it again, but probably not for a little while. Put it this way.....I have lots less hair now. Oh well. Swell. Whats that smell? Advice for today: LOL....and...Brush teeth. I love that "LOL".....had no clue as to what that meant for the longest time.....felt like an eternity before someone told me what it meant.......WOW! I love that LOL, and I love my wife Henrietta.....I mean Chris.

My little white, 1986 Honda runs like a sewing machine. My sister gave me the car. GAVE IT TO ME!!!!! I could hardly stay under control when she handed me the keys. I was so happy. It just makes me so happy. Very grateful......Hey--Grateful, Grateful Dead. Now that was music.

Any of you pals Google 'Dungeness Spit' yet? You should. It may not be there much longer.

Needless to say, I wish I was there right now. Not 10 minutes ago, not tomorrow. Right now.

Got a new stove ordered today from one of our local retail appliance stores....nice people. Didn't give wifey and me the heavy handed sales pitch. I cannot wait to boil water on one of the TWO nine inch cook zones. Hope I don't burn my hand, or something like that.. They just said to be careful when I use our new stove. Believe me, before I even think of using the new stove, I am reading the instruction manual at least twice. Maybe three times. Maybe more...who knows? "Chris, do you know where the Jenn Air manuals are...I need to read them". Oh, I forgot, we don't have the stove yet. "Never mind". I hope she didn't hear me.

Jenn Air slide-in electric with built in downdraft. Fancy, beautiful, sleek, handsome, I love Jenn Air stuff. Your lips move but I cannot hear what you are saying.

Looking at stars now. Sun went down finally. It just seemed that today the sun would not go down. Really pretty weird. I checked the tide tables.....they're working, which means the moon is working. Watch the sun tomorrow...see if you agree that it's just sorta hangin' out up there.

I sent an email to the local TV stations about this.

Not working tonight......just postin'. Fun I tell you. I had every intention of weeding our gardens today, but I could not find my weed killer spray. I think someone I know hid it from me.
Anyway, I'll do weeding tomorrow.......too dark right now to weed.

Enjoy out there. Let me know how you're all doing. I'm fine.

Old pal Tom. Really.
PS. Google Dungeness Spit! Don't just sit there!


  1. Lulu saw a white Honda like yours the other day and siad "there's Papa." One of these days we all should go for a trip to the Dungeness Spit. By the way....can we have that drift wood when you die?....LOL.

  2. Mother, your BEAUTIFUL by the way.

  3. Ok Tom,
    I googled it... (was going to do it this morning but it had to wait so we could catch our boat)
    but, I must say I have yet to come to a conclusion on the meaning of your two photos...
    Ok you know me... I've come up with a few
    1. It took you X amount of years to figure which end is up on your driftwood trunk
    2. hats like yours never go out of style
    3. it was all a ploy to get me to learn something new while on vacation!

    Anyway, what a beautiful photo of Christine and the pooch!
    Out there wondering if you are LOL!
    Dee Dee