Saturday, July 24, 2010

Post, or else.....

That is essentially what my wifey told me. I guess she figured I had nothing better to do. Little did she know I was streaming 'Judge Judy' on the innerweb. I love Judge Judy....

Today in the Northwest, clear blue skies.....going to be in 80's. "Honey, where is my Speedo?"

I'm mowing the front yard today....did the back yard yesterday. Like a state park our backyard.

Very proud of it, and all of the flowers that I haven't weed whacked by accident. Rest in piece blueberry bush.

We have about 90 lineal feet of laurel hedge in our backyard......allows me to walk around in my Speedo.....hedge is about 10 feet tall. I have to buy a new hedge clipper at Home Depot about every 3 years.....I wear 'em out that fast with that hedge.....made the Home Depot guy real nervous when I wanted an even lower price than the sale price....sorta fun picking on those young sales people.....I give them my crabby /poker face when asking for a better price.

I told my daughter that I'm going to coach my grandson in football someday. She said 'NO'.

I'll give her a little time. I asked "then what about Lulu". She said 'fine, Lulu can coach Levi in football anytime'. Boy, was I relieved.

Had a nice dinner/barbecue at my sisters house yesterday. No fights, thank goodness. HUGE, I mean HUGE burgers. More than foot long hot dogs. Salads, chips, wine, beer, pop, water, cheeses, olives, Best Food mayonnaise. Desert: Chocolate cake from Costco, apple pie, rhubarb pie, ice cream from somewhere, and that favorite summer picnic item that everyone loves.....foot long hot dogs. It was splendid. And.....lakefront.....lots of swimmers. I'm a swimmer from way back.

Speaking of me some new 275 reading glasses.....what we all call in this household...cheater glasses. Costco sells these glasses in a 3 pack for just a little over $19.00.

Great value. These new glasses are industrial strength....heavy frame....the whole works. I have to use a crescent wrench to fix 'em. That's how heavy duty they are. I am however down to 2 as I lost a pair already. 'Honey, Lucy ate another pair of my reading glasses!' I always blame Lucy...our little 3 pound rat dog.....Yorkie. Her poops are so small, that I just vacuum them up. Yuck. Yes, I vacuum our lawn clippings. Those hoovers are good!

Time for lunch. To start, mint chocolate chip ice cream. Then go to peanut butter and banana ditto all throughout.....start the coffee (couldn't find any half-full mugs from the last couple of days) Wifey must have gone through the house collecting all the mugs she leaves that girl. So....oh well. For desert....bowl of popcorn with a cup of grated cheddar cheese, 1/4 pound of Darigold butter.......salt...another diet ditto. Then, clean the windows.

See you later pals of the world........Make the day a great day. Make a difference.


  1. I sure hope you do not trim your hedges with the mower attached to a hoist. Although it may make for a good post on the blog. Picnic sounded great; too hot here on the east coast to do anything outside include breathing. Have a great day and enjoy your temps in the 80's....Jude

  2. . . . mint chocolate chip ice cream/peanut butter and banana sandwich/diet ditto/bowl of popcorn/ a cup of grated cheddar cheese/1/4 pound of Darigold butter/salt/another diet ditto. Do you seriously think you will fit into that speedo now?!

  3. Please let me know when you find the speedo so I know when not to come over....LOL. Thanks for doing a post, I had a good laugh. Love you!