Sunday, August 29, 2010

He does anything he wants in the woods.

Hey pals, this is the actual bear that was chasing me, (go back to previous post). I took this shot over my shoulder as I was running from him. About 2 seconds after I took this shot, I swanned dived over a 200 foot waterfall, and upon landing in this beautiful, pristine pool of water, was immediately invited by a family to join them at their picnic....they offered ham and cheese sandwiches, and (I couldn't believe it) Safeway's new 'Refresh' diet soda!

The previous post showed a 'bear' chasing me......That bear is not real......just a carving I have in my backyard......I used it as I could not find the real picture above........

PS. you should have heard the splash when this bear hit the water after me. To say we all started running is an understatement. We were pretty much done with the picnic. Just a little potato salad left.


  1. Tom, you are too much. Thanks for keeping me laughing. Jude

  2. Lion and tigers and BEARS oh my....
    out there wondering if bears like coleslaw!
    dee dee

  3. "Since garbage addicted grizzlies have been known to bite at objects brushing up against tent walls just to see whether it is edible, it is nice to have some space between you and the outside of the tent. A large tent may weigh a bit more, but it can give you a bit more peace of mind.

    How big is that blue tent??