Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Attention! Correction.

You wont believe what I just found out! My previous blog, or post, whichever (I like calling it a blog) I had a trivia question about my wife and dog. The trivia question was 'What is my wife's correct name, Lucy or Chris?' And everyone of you who responded, said 'Chris'....and by the way thanks to the 48 of you who did respond......

Please sit down if your not sitting down now......My wife's name is Lucy! That's what she just told me...!! Can't hardly believe it. But in some ways, I do believe it. Weird. And to think for 31 years I've called her Chris. It is shocking to say the least. It is strange and I'm going to see a talking doctor about this. In the meantime, every thing else is fine. You should have seen the pile of clothes I folded today.......I think I had some dirty ones in there......oh well.

Yes honey, I'm washing the dishes. She's looking for me right now and I'm totally confused as to what to call 'her'......for now: Honey. Honey, we're out of dishwasher soap, bring me some shampoo.

By crew. Tomg

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  1. Thanks for the laugh! Hope your dishes got clean. I have some for you in our sink when you are done.