Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome friends and family.....Twenty Eleven!

First, I need a picture, so let me see if I can remember how to do this bloggingpostingpicturing proceduring. Chris!!!! Come here. Oh, thanks for the sandwich. Do I have to do the dishes tonight? Can I still watch Judge Judy? Super. Hey....cold Safeway Refreshe pretend 7-Up ice cold. I'm in heaven man. Love my wife.
Hey....I did it. I want the pictures under the writing though. Can't remember how to do that. Peel and stick...drag and curl....whatever. Honey! Can I have some ice cream? Hurry! I can't wait much longer. Close your eyes!!! Dang, she almost saw herself on my blog here. I want her to be surprised. Here is a quiz. In the above picture (not the one of my brother) there is Lucy and Chris. Here is a trivia question. What is my wife's real name? Lucy? Chris?
This year these will be done by me:
* I will welcome and love my new granddaughter
* I will stay married to a wonderful wife
* I will listen more and talk less
* I will continue to do yardwork
* I will nap on the back patio more often
* I will have Sears tune up my weed wacker Yes!
* I will not kill another blueberry bush
* I will bring more energy to my job
* I will encourage those that I work with
* I will work harder for the patients that I have
* I will pick up at least one piece of litter a day
* My cars will sparkle
* My garage will be clean and organized
* I will lower our debt
* I will give my wife that new 3D flat screen TV she wants
* I will wear my high school Letterman's jacket more often
* I will pray more
* I will say thanks more
* I will continue to eat ice cream
* and peanut M&M's
* and peanut butter and crackers
* and old fashioned doughnuts
* and alot more stuff
* I will lose weight
* I will excersise
* I will laugh more
* I will not cry as much. Only when you know who cries.
* I will skydive. No I wont.
* I will do more of these things
* ETC.
Goodbye pals. See you soon! Tom G.


  1. Wow Tom, that is one long list of "do's". I stopped making a list as it was too stressful when at the end of the year I did not complete it. So I am just happy, love life and those around me. I do try to do unexpected things for people throughout the year. And my motto is and always will be "life is good". So be good this year and enjoy life because we never know when our number will be called. Jude

    P.S. Answer to trivia question..Christine...

  2. I love your list!!
    You and Chris are just the cutest. :)
    If we ALL picked up one piece of litter a day what a difference it would make!!
    I like how you listed all your favorite snacks and then decided to lose weight and exercise. :)
    You crack me up. :)

    A: Christine

  3. Wow! That is one long list of to dos. Better keep it handy lest your forget to do any on of them.

    That is the best photo ever of Christine/Lucy. You are so lucky to have each other.

  4. tom,
    since you are all done making your great 2011 list... please make mine next! excellent list although I am left wondering how eating more "yummy" things will help with the weight loss goal... maybe exercise more goal balances the two! i'll have to try that trick!
    love the photo of Christine (wife) and Lucy (dog)! I hope you are feeling back to normal post surgery and getting more walks in with your family! happy new year!
    out there wondering why you still wear your letterman jacket... dee dee