Saturday, February 5, 2011

Come in, I'll put on a pot of Bourbon

That title is out of a Shirley McClain movie. When she says that line in the movie it is hilarious. "Come in, I'll put on a pot of Bourbon"....even us crazy non drinkers can enjoy that line.

Hey....Raining here in Seattle. What else is new? The NFL should award the Superbowl to Seattle.....mid 40' that new Dallas setup all over the place.....5 inches of snow. Wow.

3rd grandchild Ila due this May. Lulu's little sister. Poor Levi......dealing with 2 sisters. I'm puttin' my foot down when those 2 gals dress up Levi as one of their dolls.....aint happnin'..

Got a nice going away hug from a young lady that just completed 28 days of treatment for heroin addiction. I see miracles every day. Going back to day would never think it was the same person. Very emotional. Her goodbye was 'see you in 18 months Tom'......that is my employers time line for any patients to come back and apply for work at the treatment center I work at. I would guess about 95% of our staff where I work are recovering addicts. Very powerful. Very amazing. Gods work on lucky I am.

September 7th of 2010.....right knee replaced. Right knee doing great. Left knee jealous. Half my body dances every day......never did that before. Great surgeon. Great staff. Great Great Great, just Great.

Pittsburgh or Green Bay? Who cares.

Superbowl commercials? Who doesn't care.

Getting mentally ready to start gardening. In fact, I'm heading out to the garage to dust off my weed favorite tool.

Laundry. I love using too much soap for too little clothes.......with a splash of really good smelling baby shampoo that is normally used on Arthur and Lucy.

Still doing the lights and darks together.....Never done it any other way. Oh well.

I remember my first bike. Back in the 50's. Lots of black and white paint, with lots of chrome. Bike helmets were not invented at that time. Or cell phones. Or computers. Or color TV. Or flat screen TV. No imagination back then I guess.....people never thought out of the box.

Pittsburgh or Green Bay. Seahawks could beat them both hands down on consecutive days. Only NFL city where fans created an earthquake. Damn impressive. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Singing in the shower. I imagine most of you peoples do that. I don't. Can't sing and shower at the same time. Anyone have some gum out there? I'm going for a walk.

Remember all of you weather rains all the time in Seattle. Miserable place to live....and a crappy place to vacation.

My wife was on TV today.....she was stunning....something about a pig getting hit by a car. At the Pike Place Market. Home of the first Starbucks. Where the pigs are not real. They are huge and they are bronze. $56 worth of Alaska salmon in our refrigerator. Superbowl commercials meal. Love those Clydesdales. Are they real when they talk?

Take care Pal. tomg


  1. Happy Sunday Tom, Sorry to hear about the rain especially since I'm here in sunny Florida. I'm not sure I could handle the rain especially with having dogs. Rain equals stinky dogs!

    Happy to hear about the accomplishments at the treatment center. Wishing her great success!

    Well, off to enjoy the sun! Have a great week. Jude

  2. Tom,
    I was Seattle a few years ago with Wayne (he was working) and finally succumbed to the rain or drizzle and bought myself an umbrella. Of course I went all out and bought one that had the "needle" on it, I figured I'd look like a silly tourist while I was there, but it is my go to umbrella here because no one else has one like it!
    Out there wondering if you use an umbrella!
    Dee Dee

  3. Dee Dee,
    I will answer for my umbrella. Actually no one in Seattle owns an umbrella. Just tourists.;)

    Daddy, thanks for being concernde about Levi being a doll for his sisters. He'll probably be hanging out with you a lot more I'm guessing. You know everytime we drive past your neighborhood he says "Papa" and points. He love you so much! I love you so much too.
    Love Kimmy