Friday, February 11, 2011

Please don't read this

Oh, OK. It is Friday night. Grandkids spending the night. They are tucked in and sound asleep. Beautiful little beings . Took 'em out ice skating tonight. They loved it.

Lulu requested blueberry pancakes for dinner.......and that is what we had....with some bacon, milk, ice water. $4.99 for 24 ounce container of fresh blueberries at Costco. Good value.

I have 4 days off this week. Taking a paid holiday for my Saturday night shift.......hope they can do without me for one night. No one to pick up one piece of litter. I'll pick up two the next night. It is not that hard to bend over and pick up a piece of litter. Unless it's blowing about 35.....then you have to bend over and run at the same time. Not easy. But it can be done. Blowin' 50? Forget it.

How about them Packers! Who cares. We love our Sonics. Really weird.....Sonics play all their home games in Oklahoma City now. That is mind 'altering' blowing! Or just simply mind blowing. Will someone please tell me whats going on.

Raining today in the Seattle area. We do have outstanding blue skies above the cloud cover, and great sunsets. Who needs Nantucket shambucket. Do not vacation here. You will be not like it.

Do not ride our ferry boats. Do not look at Mt. Rainer. Do not go to Pike place Market. And, do not look at people that live here. If you do, you will be barked at. Yes, like a dog bark.

How about them Steelers. They lost. Ho Hum. Next.

Hey.....going to the Nordic museum in Ballard on the 12th. Should be interesting and all. I'll probably be bored after 10 minutes.....I'll be looking for a TV somewhere. Love TV. Survivor.

Judge Judy. The Ellen Degeneres Show. Natgeo.

Got my degree from UW in Urban Planning in 1974 and went directly to Alaska to fish on a 125 foot shrimper. Scary job. Spent alot of time in Sand Point Alaska. Now that's where you want to vacation. Yes sir!

Talk to you all later. Going out to a dive of a tavern to watch my co-worker play punk rock. He's the drummer. 43 years old. Get a life! Yup....7-up here I come. Adios.


  1. Hi Tom, yummy blueberry pancakes...I want some! I do agree with you about the rain in your area. With all that rain you must mow your lawn twice a week or I would suspect that if you could get away with you would have goats to do the job.

    Packers...who cares is right. Over paid. Enough said.

    Judge Judy....what about the ten or so judges that have their own shows.....

    Hope you have a great time on your night out. Hello to Christine. Enjoying the weather in southwest Florida. Jude

  2. You have rain and we are finally happy to have a week sans snow! Don't tell my Aunt Jude, but the right team won the super bowl! Since she's from PA this could start a family war! LOL Hope you enjoyed the "concert"! Out there wondering if you normally get 50 MPH winds!
    Dee Dee