Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goodbye February, Hello March

So my daughter, Kimmy says "Daddy, do a blog, and make it profound"......or something like that. So, here goes.

2010 and we are down 2 months. Our winter here is nothing like back East......warm, sunny, and a little rain. Just right. The rain doesn't hurt us....we are waterproof. At least my smart wifey says we are waterproof, and I believe everything she says. I love that woman. (Sometimes afraid of her. See below).

I didn't meet any crabby people today. Hey, it's Sunday....there's never crabby people out there on Sundays. Monday through Saturday may be a little different however. We all meet someone who is crabby on those six days. You know how to fix that. Just smile at them....ask them if they need anything. Watch out being nice may make them crabbier. Oh well. Go on being nice. Maybe that crabby person will be nice once you leave their space....I'm sure that is the case. (hey, that rhymes. Cool) Crabby to happy...all in a very short time. Keep smiling.....your crabby face will have a tough time developing. If you really need to be's OK, just put a sack on your head.

I wonder what my mom and dad are doing today. My mom died almost 30 years ago. Dad about 5 years ago. Talk about crabby people....Jeez. Good parents in their own way.

My brother and I had to take my mother (after she died of course) down 2 flights of stairs in her townhouse on a gurney that the coroner provided. Mom was a little hefty at the time, and as we turned the corner on the mid landing, her body shifted and we almost dropped her. My brother and I started laughing, then crying. You ask, "hey Bob and Tom, why didn't the 2 coroners take your mom down themselves". The answer: those 2 boys were little pip sweaks, and they had trembling fear anticipating that task. So, brother Bob and I did the job. Whew!

My 40th high school reunion is being planned, for this coming fall. 40 years! Dang! I gotta practice up on the gator. That was a great dance, and man, I am a dancer! Just ask my wife.

"Hey Chris, is husband Tom a DANCER? No. "Got asked to leave the dance floor when trying to learn how to do country line dance years ago". The only dancing I do today is when Lulu wants to dance, and she thinks I'm the best dancer.....

Speaking of Lulu, I was asked by my granddaughter to play house today. It was great. She's not even 3 yet and is already bossing me around. I used to be afraid of just my wife. Then we had a daughter Kimmy. I'm afraid of her too. And now Lulu. 3 women in my life that I'm deathly afraid of. Of course I wouldn't trade any of them.

I get to make a difference tomorrow working with high school students with special needs. Talk about fun, and rewarding.....that is what life is about. High school students, great students.
It's Sunday night and I'm already excited for lunch tommorow. Haven't even made it yet. What's that about? I dunno. (I don't know) or (I do not know).

It has been fun Chris doing the hall bath. I did pretty good didn't I? Love you.

Is there anybody out there?


  1. Thanks for the profound post. You always make me laugh. I hope I run into a grumpy person today so I can smile at tham. If I do I'll text you and let you know how it went.


  2. I found you (through your wife's blog). I had to come over for a visit because your coffee drinking habits and my husband's coffee drinking habits are eerily similar.
    I'm going to follow because I want to see if you really do dance the gator at your 40th reunion :-)

  3. I love your blog. I was reading your wife's blog and found yours. My husband's coffee habits sound a little like yours. He will warm up coffee that is more than 24 hours old and drink it so we never have "old" coffee to throw out. Jude

  4. Welcome to the blog world! I have fallen in love with Christine and Kimmy... nothing to be afraid of (at least in my shoes!)
    Dee Dee

  5. Love the way you write. Love your honesty. Love your humor.

    You having an amazing wife, but then you already know that. :)

  6. I just spent the last twenty minutes reading your blog. My first visit and definitely not my last. Love how God works. Out of the box Christianity, that is what it is all about.

    As for the coffee is me exactly. Coffee cups everywhere. I could relate to this and even had to smile as I read it. Hope you keep posting...who knows what lives you will touch. I have really enjoyed your wife's blog, and now yours also.

  7. Check the attached for photos of some guys older than you doing the Gator in 2012. See