Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Another Moron, another Moron, and another..and another.....

Caught on camera, a young lady supporting Trump at one of the woman's marches, had her hair lit on fire by a deranged, angry, miserable, female soul.  Pray for both.  The arsonist.......moron.
1-24-17  2 PM  

Chelsea Handler says Melania Trump can barely speak English. That's correct.  Melania Trump speaks English, and 5 other languages fluently.   Chelsea Handler.......moron.
1-24-17   4:06 PM

The lady on the flight leaving Baltimore heading to Seattle, escorted off the flight because she is mad at Trump for winning the presidency (I think).......she needs clam chowder and she needs more meditation while looking at beautiful Mt. Rainier.  Oh, I guess it is better to be totally angry because she didn't get her way.  Sad...........moron.
1-24-17  11:10 PM

Some FAMILY members of Chrisette Michele, a singer who performed at President Trumps inauguration, said they would no longer TALK TO HER.   Family members.......morons.
1-25-17  10:15 AM

Questlove, upon hearing that Chrisette Michele accepted an invitation to sing at President Trumps inauguration, offered Chrisette Michele money NOT TO PERFORM...........moron.
1-25-17  10:16 AM

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  1. It's hard to imagine how anyone one could see these acts as furthering their supposed beliefs. Love not hate?? Wow.