Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Marchers. Wow. Lots of them. Some wonderful. Some not so much.

January 21st, 2017.   On that day the world, yes the world, saw millions of people (oh yea, there were men also football that day I guess) march for women's rights.  I believe many of those attending were for good, and noble causes.  Treating women badly, bullying them physically, and emotionally, should never happen. That, for most of us, is understandable. We must honor all women respectfully and with love, for they are, like men, made in the image of God. Grab your Bible and look at Genesis 1 verses 26 and 27.  No Bible?  Go buy one fool.  If after reading it a couple of times and you don't like it, give it to someone.  I doubt you'll give it away however.  If you read it a couple of times, you will keep it. So, now, keeping your Bible that you have read a couple of times, you can go buy a Bible and give it to someone.  How wonderful.  I must warn you......if you read the Bible, you might change.  Be careful.

Now, observations of people at the marches.......

The Hollywood female speakers....scary and angry they seem.......

Madonna......thinking of blowing up the White House.....a moron.

Ashley Judd........hatred coming out of her mouth, equating Trump to Hitler.....a moron.

Women marching with signs that most of us would never read or print......many morons.

The Washington DC leaders....Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, Vanessa Wruble, and Bob Bland (oh no, a guy......he needs football....come on Bob!)  One of them, or all of them, turned away a whole group of women that wanted to march, but they were told they were not welcome to march, because.....gulp, and sit down......they were know, against abortion, against murder, very decent women.  The 4 DC leaders.....ALL MORONS.

By the way, I had to decide between the word Moron, or Idiots......I chose 'Morons'.  More descriptive and just has a good ring to it.  Let me know if you agree, or if you have a word that you would use. Please, only good, printable, descriptive, moron-type words.

Morons. What a word.  It is becoming one of my favorite top 10 words. Ice Cream is my top word....OK, words cream.  Love that ice cream.  Makes for a good desert before dinner, and after.  Any time of day.....Yummy!

Oh, sorry.  More morons.

Mr. and Mrs. Darnell in the women's Seattle's march.....Allowing their 7 year of daughter to lead a chant about president Trump.. 'Hey Hey HO HO, Donald Trump has to go!'.  Hey Darnell's, find some crayons for your daughter........Morons.

(See Seattle Times front page picture Sunday edition Jan. 22, 2017 for that picture.......morons).

Seattle Times......Putting that picture on front page......morons.

Spelling woman this way....womxn.  Weird.........morxns.

OK.  Here is the plan.  Pray for all the morons.    And pray for our new President. And our old President.  Yes, they were both morons at times.  But we all are morons at times.  God forgives Morons.  Thank goodness.  Morons.



  1. “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13
    Abortion is the opposite of love.
    So basically the people who marched were walking for hate.
    Yes, praying for them!

  2. I have no words. As a nation, we are so off track. blessings ~ tanna