Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A dream I had, and my wife woke me up thank goodness......
So there we were, out in the car, and nowhere to go. I told my brother, Bob, that this was a dumb idea. He was not listening to me. Of course, he was only 9 months old, and I was 3. It was a bad day. Bob wouldn't share his baby food with me, so I didn't share my graham crackers with him. I was so mad at him, I felt like throwing him out of the car at 50 miles per hour, but that was out of the question as we were in the driveway......we didn't know how to start the car. Even if we could start the car, it wasn't going to happen. My mom had the keys.

My mom was pretty nice most of the time. She was born and raised in the hinterlands of southern Brazil. Many of the neighbor kids thought my mom was quite exotic. Whatever that meant. Anyway, as I got older, I actually taught my mom to speak was our native tongue. And was she bad at the beginning. She was not a good listener. She did not enunciate, she was lousy at the ABC's, and most of the time just wanted to watch TV. TV was just coming into existence at this time, and it was quite normal to have 550 to 500 people in our living room, morning, noon, and night 6 days a week. It was just unbelievable. Everyone had their noses plastered to the TV. Look down and you couldn't even see your feet. You could only see down to about every ones shoulder blades. It didn't smell very fresh in our house because of this. We needed Fabreze, but Fabreze was yet to be on the market......did not exist.

Time to go now. Buy Diet Ditto at Safeway. It is as good as 7-up, and a half case (12 cans) cost $1.99, when you buy 3. Compare that price to a single 32 OZ. drink.......$1.69! Great value that Ditto, and when ice cold, it goes with any meal. Take care!

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  1. Happy Birthday.....I think your getting more like Oscar in your old age, a bit eccentric.