Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well....here I go with my first (what Bloggers call 'Posts') Post cereal. My beautiful daughter helped me set up this thing, so really this is my second post. That animal hanging over my shoulder in my first post is my dog. His name is FIDO. FIDO is about 8 years old.
The picture of me in my first post is not really me, but it is a picture that my wife liked, so I used it. I love my wife. My day today has been busy.....packed my van with a bunch of stuff out of a warehouse we own. My wife says she owns 90% of the warehouse...I own 10%. 31 years of
love and affection. Now....I have to get some paperwork done for my business....meet a couple of customers later on, then come home, cook dinner, do the dishes, dust the furniture, clean the bathrooms, and all kinds of other man things. I haven't come across any crabby people today, but the day is young...I love meeting crabby people. I try to make their day better by doing some foolish thing.....like smiling at them, saying hello to them.....it does work. Stay tuned.
Over and out, and we will see you again.

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