Saturday, June 19, 2010

I hope she doesn't find me

"Tom, where are you? I know your in this house somewhere!"

Hey....Chris is looking for me. I don't know what for. But she has that certain
sound. It's either dishes, laundry, paint the house, clean the garage, pull 5 large weeds, or
15 small ones, mow the lawn, go help the neighbor, wash her car, or just a good honest effort of any chore of my choosing. I just want to daydream.......about ice cream.

"Oh, take the dogs for a walk? Sure! Can I take Arthur?"

"Yes Tom, you can take Arthur. He is one of two dogs in the house dummy!"

"Oh...that's right"

See you later pals.

Going to the park with Arthur, Lucy, and Wifey.

I'm not that nervous any more.


  1. Alright Tom two posts in blogland in the same week. You are too much....laughing with tears! Have a great day! Jude

  2. I'm telling Chris you hide in the shower! I was her friend first, afterall. LOL! ;)

  3. Glad she found you!
    Still out there wondering where my flower photos are!
    Dee Dee

  4. Chris sounds like me in this post. My husband says "Why do I get to be the doer and you get to be the sayer?" I believe he read it in the Pickles cartoon . . .