Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have evidently misplaced the following items at my house.....any donations, or helpful hints, on how to keep track of these, would be appreciated.

1. My roll of duct tape. I have a gutter that needs some work.
2. Ballpeen hammer. I fix lots of stuff with this handy tool. With me always.
3. Gorilla Glue. I just discovered this. It will fix anything.
4. And, I put down my jam sandwich (out of peanut butter...on the Costco list)
I think my neighbor got it.


  1. That happens in our house as well, with my other half. I make him start to put his tools back, which is really cleaning up the mess in order to find those items he is missing. I hope you are not the same type....Jude

  2. Ohhhh Tom...
    I've seen what you can do with gorilla glue... that might be better off lost! (or maybe Christine is hiding it?)
    And another thing... we do cold coffee all year long not just in the summer... wonder what that says about us!
    Really out there too...
    Dee Dee