Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The most fun I've ever had in my entire life

Just wanted to catch your attention with that title. Today wasn't that day. However, it may be tomorrow, or just maybe, I had that day already. Would somebody look it up and tell me!

I went to work today, to work in a classroom at a local high school. I was late by a few minutes because I fell asleep on my bed......just a little cat nap...I even set my trusty Verizon cell phone (you know, that thing you talk on, text on, look up the stock market on, look up the weather on, etc.) alarm clock feature hoping it would awake luck....slept through it.....late to the classroom. When I did arrive, I felt sluggish, weepy, miserable, sweaty, and hot....102 degrees hot. Pretty darn ill. So, I got on the phone, called the main office, and they told me to go home.

Went home and piled onto my bed in a heap of clothes that I had not folded in a couple of months. Good thing my wife didn't notice about the clothes. She is a stickler when it comes to folding clothes. She has told me several times over our 31 years of marriage, that she wants my clothes folded within a month of washing them. I have trouble with that.

What does 'weepy' mean. Used that in the first paragraph.

Hey....talking about cell phones, here in Warshington State, a new law went into affect that says no more cell phone use...talking or texting...while driving. What a dumb law. People never get in wrecks while doing those phone things at 78 miles per hour on the freeway, zipping in and out of traffic, eating doughnuts, and watching Kaptain Kangaroo. Yea, right. There are alot of sad drivers out here in Warshington because of that new law.....actual tears running down their cheeks because they can't use their cell phones. Big Babies. Thank goodness it's still OK to put my make-up on while driving.

And those that still use their phones....they'll get caught....$124 fine. Fine!!! Big Babies.

Some of my wife's students are putting their cell phones in the glove compartment of their students. I'm going to duct tape my phone to the top of my car. I tested myself. I can actually reach over, open the glove compartment, answer any call, talk a little, and drive the dang's all how you adjust the rear view mirror. Ricochet the mirror off the back window and remember that the image you see is a 'negative' of what you actually see.......My wife is never driving with me again. I still love the girl though.

Our Seattle Mariners keep losing. Good ownership. Good management. Good fans. Good stadium. Horrible hitters. We'll see how they end up come September. And for those of you that think the Mariners still play in the Kingdome.....wrong, wrong wrong. Our stadium is called Safeco field. Google it. If you look carefully, the picture used has me standing on the very top of it....I could not believe they used that picture. You'll need (what my dad use to call) a spyglass, which is really called a magnifying glass. My dad died.

Now.....lets talk weather. Very wet out here. Don't believe those that say it rains quite abit out here in Seattle. They lie. Those liers. It rains all the time out here. We had one day of sun last year. October 7th. Set a record on sun screen sales at our local Wal Marts.

But Costco is where it all happens. It is, hands down, my favorite place to shop. Where else can you buy bermuda shorts, gallon size of pineapple pieces (Love you Kimmy), bump into other shoppers grocery carts and not have them mad at you? Costco is a happy place. Like my son-in-law, I whistle when I shop at Costco.

Now, to say goodbye for now.......Why did God create not one species of penguins, but seventeen different species of Penguins!!! Seventeen! Food for thought. Thank you Lord for this amazing day!


  1. This is one of your weirdest!
    But heck, that is why I love you.
    Someday, all your grand kids will sit around reading your posts and laugh til it hurts.

  2. married him :-) OK, Tom, after your comment on my blog about wanting to brush your teeth with the wire brushes I found at a garage sale I'm a little concerned! I need to see a photo to make sure you really have teeth!
    I enjoyed your ramblings.

  3. Wow,
    first... I do hope you are feeling better, one would normally credit your illness to today's ramblings (as Christine calls it) however we know better!
    second... after the wreck I witnessed today, I thinking Ohio may be next to outlaw celling while driving.
    third... a place to shop and make you happy? Must get a Costco card!
    Fourth.... Penguins... funny little creatures!

    Out there deciding if I really should goggle the Safeco field.... Dee Dee

  4. got me daddy, you actually did do a new post! This one is pretty funny. Mark says thank for pulling the weeds....he actually didn't mind the big divits in the lawn, serioulsy.