Friday, June 18, 2010

More Pictures, Less Thinking, More Humming

Oh, this is fun. It has been suggested to me that I'm supposed to be normal when doing these posts. No problem. Be nice. Don't let the world know you so fast. Take the rest of your life
so people out there (IS there anybody out there?) can appreciate you, and can get to know where you came from.

OK. I can handle that. It's somewhat cloudy and balmy out here in Seattle today. I will prepare my day by setting aside my umbrella. My day will start with Starbucks, then Costco, then feed the ducks, home for a nap, and probably do laundry. Then another nap. Oh crap, don't be funny.
I must say that I am not used to this serious posting stuff. Animals, flowers, countryside travels and all that kind of stuff. It is hard. But I'm going to try. And where are more men for these things? That is the problem. I'm swimming in a sea of women. Women that I like, but hardly know. I'm having a sinking spell. OK, another picture. And by the way, it has taken me about 10 minutes every time I pick a picture.....right click, left click, drag, push, is hard! OK, picture:

Now what should I talk about? I go to work shift.....4 ten hour days, instead of the 3 ten hour days in the past. Looking out the window, less balmy and less cloudy right now, but I'm sure we'll see some rain today. Do all of you people out there realize that here in Seattle when it rains we don't even use umbrellas, rain coats, we wear shorts and tee shirts.....our rain is your sun. If you don't belive me, come and live out here for about a month. You will become a believer.

I gotta go. Like I said.......Starbucks, Costco and all the other places. I'm heading to the bathroom to comb my hair, and apply my make-up. Sorry, I have no flower pictures. Darn.


  1. Tom,
    How disappointing... no flower pictures!
    Think you can come up with a pretty tablescape to share with us?
    How about a pretty photo of you feeding the ducks! Now there's a good idea!
    Beyond that, stay dry, enjoy your coffee, and be happy at Costco!
    Out there dreaming of flower pictures... Dee Dee

  2. I wait in anticipation for your posts and I enjoy each one. Making me laugh so hard that the tears appear.
    I do love the your first look like you are ready to go riding...on a motorcycle! But with all that rain that would not be a smart move. I am more a fair weather rider. Hope you enjoyed your coffee and trip to Costco. Enjoy your weekend!! Jude

  3. I'm with Dee Dee. You should create a tablescape!
    Do you know what a tablescape is?

    I will admit, you are getting very popular.

  4. Yes...a tablescape would be a good project. I'm with the others on this one.
    Love the picture with the coffee, that's about how many cups I drink every morning.

  5. Tom, I am just crushed that there are no flower pictures. =(

    LOL. Hope you enjoy your Costco outing and coffee!

  6. Nice hat you wore on all your adventures. Hope it didn't get too wet . . .