Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm doing fine.......

Right now not a cloud in the sky....about 70....and all my pals out there need to Google "Dungeness Spit". If you peoples out there do that, you may come to your own conclusion as to the meaning, and significance, of these 2 pictures. Or, what some of you call PIX. Me, I like pix.

Hopped in my Chrysler that's as big as a whale......

And, as you all know, from past posts / blogs / entries, that it did happen. was cool. Scary, but cool. I will try it again, but probably not for a little while. Put it this way.....I have lots less hair now. Oh well. Swell. Whats that smell? Advice for today: LOL....and...Brush teeth. I love that "LOL".....had no clue as to what that meant for the longest time.....felt like an eternity before someone told me what it meant.......WOW! I love that LOL, and I love my wife Henrietta.....I mean Chris.

My little white, 1986 Honda runs like a sewing machine. My sister gave me the car. GAVE IT TO ME!!!!! I could hardly stay under control when she handed me the keys. I was so happy. It just makes me so happy. Very grateful......Hey--Grateful, Grateful Dead. Now that was music.

Any of you pals Google 'Dungeness Spit' yet? You should. It may not be there much longer.

Needless to say, I wish I was there right now. Not 10 minutes ago, not tomorrow. Right now.

Got a new stove ordered today from one of our local retail appliance stores....nice people. Didn't give wifey and me the heavy handed sales pitch. I cannot wait to boil water on one of the TWO nine inch cook zones. Hope I don't burn my hand, or something like that.. They just said to be careful when I use our new stove. Believe me, before I even think of using the new stove, I am reading the instruction manual at least twice. Maybe three times. Maybe more...who knows? "Chris, do you know where the Jenn Air manuals are...I need to read them". Oh, I forgot, we don't have the stove yet. "Never mind". I hope she didn't hear me.

Jenn Air slide-in electric with built in downdraft. Fancy, beautiful, sleek, handsome, I love Jenn Air stuff. Your lips move but I cannot hear what you are saying.

Looking at stars now. Sun went down finally. It just seemed that today the sun would not go down. Really pretty weird. I checked the tide tables.....they're working, which means the moon is working. Watch the sun tomorrow...see if you agree that it's just sorta hangin' out up there.

I sent an email to the local TV stations about this.

Not working tonight......just postin'. Fun I tell you. I had every intention of weeding our gardens today, but I could not find my weed killer spray. I think someone I know hid it from me.
Anyway, I'll do weeding tomorrow.......too dark right now to weed.

Enjoy out there. Let me know how you're all doing. I'm fine.

Old pal Tom. Really.
PS. Google Dungeness Spit! Don't just sit there!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Figure this one out.....


(enough said)

Post, or else.....

That is essentially what my wifey told me. I guess she figured I had nothing better to do. Little did she know I was streaming 'Judge Judy' on the innerweb. I love Judge Judy....

Today in the Northwest, clear blue skies.....going to be in 80's. "Honey, where is my Speedo?"

I'm mowing the front yard today....did the back yard yesterday. Like a state park our backyard.

Very proud of it, and all of the flowers that I haven't weed whacked by accident. Rest in piece blueberry bush.

We have about 90 lineal feet of laurel hedge in our backyard......allows me to walk around in my Speedo.....hedge is about 10 feet tall. I have to buy a new hedge clipper at Home Depot about every 3 years.....I wear 'em out that fast with that hedge.....made the Home Depot guy real nervous when I wanted an even lower price than the sale price....sorta fun picking on those young sales people.....I give them my crabby /poker face when asking for a better price.

I told my daughter that I'm going to coach my grandson in football someday. She said 'NO'.

I'll give her a little time. I asked "then what about Lulu". She said 'fine, Lulu can coach Levi in football anytime'. Boy, was I relieved.

Had a nice dinner/barbecue at my sisters house yesterday. No fights, thank goodness. HUGE, I mean HUGE burgers. More than foot long hot dogs. Salads, chips, wine, beer, pop, water, cheeses, olives, Best Food mayonnaise. Desert: Chocolate cake from Costco, apple pie, rhubarb pie, ice cream from somewhere, and that favorite summer picnic item that everyone loves.....foot long hot dogs. It was splendid. And.....lakefront.....lots of swimmers. I'm a swimmer from way back.

Speaking of me some new 275 reading glasses.....what we all call in this household...cheater glasses. Costco sells these glasses in a 3 pack for just a little over $19.00.

Great value. These new glasses are industrial strength....heavy frame....the whole works. I have to use a crescent wrench to fix 'em. That's how heavy duty they are. I am however down to 2 as I lost a pair already. 'Honey, Lucy ate another pair of my reading glasses!' I always blame Lucy...our little 3 pound rat dog.....Yorkie. Her poops are so small, that I just vacuum them up. Yuck. Yes, I vacuum our lawn clippings. Those hoovers are good!

Time for lunch. To start, mint chocolate chip ice cream. Then go to peanut butter and banana ditto all throughout.....start the coffee (couldn't find any half-full mugs from the last couple of days) Wifey must have gone through the house collecting all the mugs she leaves that girl. So....oh well. For desert....bowl of popcorn with a cup of grated cheddar cheese, 1/4 pound of Darigold butter.......salt...another diet ditto. Then, clean the windows.

See you later pals of the world........Make the day a great day. Make a difference.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Random Thoughts & Confusion

Hey pals of the world and all other life out there in the Universe. Good Day! As you can see from the above pictures, I just had a hard time deciding which beverage to drink. Here is my decision. I decided to drink 5 cups of coffee today, and 7 cans of Diet Ditto. Around here near Seattle, we call it Pretend 7-up. It is so delicious. I spend $1.99 a half case at Safeway for Diet Ditto if I buy 15 half cases at a time. I think it's $2.09 for a half case one at a time. I take advantage and buy the 15 cases. Last count, I have a ton of Diet Ditto in the garage. Stacked all the way to the ceiling. That's the good news....bad news....I lost my gardening tools in the garage.....not really.....just my bike.

Gonna get my right knee replaced September 7th 2010. Partial knee replacement. Doctor B. said the outside of my knee looks like an 18 year old knee....inside looks like really old guy that walks bole legged, hardly smiles, burps alot, eats way too much sugar, knows everything, drives way too fast, never listens, afraid of everything, cries alot, worries about gray hair, and is just plain weirdesh. I said Doc....lets get that knee outa here! He said 'OK'. I swear I saw dollar signs reflecting off of his eyeballs when he said 'OK'. I'm afraid of anesthesia, so I told him I'd tough it out with no anesthesia...just do it fast. He said no way. I'm looking for a new doctor.

Talking about knee replacements, I have a new gold crown top left. Hey, it lasted 73 years before I had to act. The dentist did a swell job, being as young as he is. I tried selling him a life insurance policy while in the chair, and he reminded me that I sold flooring, not life insurance.
I told him I had a good policy to show him.....he agreed, and when I meet him I'll do the bait-and-switch....instead of insurance, I'm walking away with a laundry room floor sale.

Still having rain out here in Seattle area. Clouds are at about 970 feet today. Just enough to tease us, knowing full well the the sun is at 971 feet. Dang it!

We don't close our airports when we get rain - we keep 'em open. You guys back east close your airports when it snows. Big babies.

Chris and I had Teriaki chicken from Happy Lake Teriaki......had some left today we eat chicken salad sandwiches garnished with green olives stuffed with red pimento. The drink of choice for me will either be coffee, of Diet Ditto. Chris....water. Too healthy. She may fool me and have milk. Too healthy.

Granddaughter Lulu spent the night with Chris and me last night. It was fun getting bossed around by two women all night long. Love 'em both. Just don't ask about the dress and makeup I had to wear last night. Makeup was OK....dress was way too ugly.

Looking out the window, I estimate cloud cover now at 870 feet....sun know it.. 871 feet.

Airport still open.

Going to work tonight. Drug and Alcohol treatment center. Great job. Amazing place. Wonderful staff and patients.

Oh.....gotta go. My love is calling me. I think she has chores for me to do. Oh well.