Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Attention! Correction.

You wont believe what I just found out! My previous blog, or post, whichever (I like calling it a blog) I had a trivia question about my wife and dog. The trivia question was 'What is my wife's correct name, Lucy or Chris?' And everyone of you who responded, said 'Chris'....and by the way thanks to the 48 of you who did respond......

Please sit down if your not sitting down now......My wife's name is Lucy! That's what she just told me...!! Can't hardly believe it. But in some ways, I do believe it. Weird. And to think for 31 years I've called her Chris. It is shocking to say the least. It is strange and I'm going to see a talking doctor about this. In the meantime, every thing else is fine. You should have seen the pile of clothes I folded today.......I think I had some dirty ones in there......oh well.

Yes honey, I'm washing the dishes. She's looking for me right now and I'm totally confused as to what to call 'her'......for now: Honey. Honey, we're out of dishwasher soap, bring me some shampoo.

By crew. Tomg

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome friends and family.....Twenty Eleven!

First, I need a picture, so let me see if I can remember how to do this bloggingpostingpicturing proceduring. Chris!!!! Come here. Oh, thanks for the sandwich. Do I have to do the dishes tonight? Can I still watch Judge Judy? Super. Hey....cold Safeway Refreshe pretend 7-Up ice cold. I'm in heaven man. Love my wife.
Hey....I did it. I want the pictures under the writing though. Can't remember how to do that. Peel and stick...drag and curl....whatever. Honey! Can I have some ice cream? Hurry! I can't wait much longer. Close your eyes!!! Dang, she almost saw herself on my blog here. I want her to be surprised. Here is a quiz. In the above picture (not the one of my brother) there is Lucy and Chris. Here is a trivia question. What is my wife's real name? Lucy? Chris?
This year these will be done by me:
* I will welcome and love my new granddaughter
* I will stay married to a wonderful wife
* I will listen more and talk less
* I will continue to do yardwork
* I will nap on the back patio more often
* I will have Sears tune up my weed wacker Yes!
* I will not kill another blueberry bush
* I will bring more energy to my job
* I will encourage those that I work with
* I will work harder for the patients that I have
* I will pick up at least one piece of litter a day
* My cars will sparkle
* My garage will be clean and organized
* I will lower our debt
* I will give my wife that new 3D flat screen TV she wants
* I will wear my high school Letterman's jacket more often
* I will pray more
* I will say thanks more
* I will continue to eat ice cream
* and peanut M&M's
* and peanut butter and crackers
* and old fashioned doughnuts
* and alot more stuff
* I will lose weight
* I will excersise
* I will laugh more
* I will not cry as much. Only when you know who cries.
* I will skydive. No I wont.
* I will do more of these things
* ETC.
Goodbye pals. See you soon! Tom G.