Monday, June 26, 2017

Just about everything

did you hear the birds this morning?  yes they were beautiful........

you have to buy a volkswagen bug convertable.  good investment for your mental health and your marriage....oh yea baby.

and you must own your own ice cream maker.  really. actually quite fun, and when you
use a sugar substitute, you can eat about a gallon a night and have no worries.

before you die, get a job at a homeless shelter.  or just volunteer.  life changing.

are we human?  or are we dancer?  whats that mean?  google 'the killers'.  a song of theirs.

what a sunset.  always amazing.  think of this.  our sunsets are one of trillions to the tenth power.
who made our universe?

google again.....get on your laptop and go to google...... type in  'andy grammers' 'fresh eyes' on you tube and get the version with the man looking back at and listen to an outstanding story...... it has something to do with one of the above items......ok!

right this minute my wife is doing a post.  a cool subject, i'm sure.  i inspire her.  do you really want the truth?  ok.  she inspires me.

over 50 million babies have died due to abortions.  50,000,000.  heaven has room for them.

don't lend the ice cream maker to your neighbor.  instead, invite them over to your place.  tell them when they arrive when they have to go.

cocaine.  a very famous song sung by my friend eric clapton.

wait a minute.  i never said that.

last night was not good for sleep.  the dark house did not challenge me.  many rooms to visit and no where to go.  took my time getting to the recliner.  oh that was nice.  hello sleep.

playing the piano.  what a sound.   mostly good and for a purpose.

$700,000 dollars later, planned parenthood went home a little poorer after the republican candidate beat the democratic candidate down in atlanta.  how many of those $700,000 dollars were your tax money?

our trailer is back in nampa.

our redmond properties we still own.

heaven has room for lots of people.  even the most despicable ones.  isn't that something?

i have owned the most powerful paper shredder for many years.  it is scary.  it will handle about 4 pages at once.  it trims my fingernails sometimes.  not really.  well, maybe.

moody blues concert at chateau ste. michelle winery in woodinville washington.  outstanding.

it is not only a concert, it is a way to meet others. those that just go for the music miss lots.

it is an opportunity  to put your best foot forward.  it is not hard to do.

take advantage of time and places.  you may not ever get them back.

what about that red licorice as opposed to the black licorice.  red wins.

are you close to your family?

do you drive by the cardboard holders at freeway on-ramps?

are they being truthful, needing money for food?  or drugs?

we are victims of the night.

mechanical physical kryptonite.

so suddenly i'm in love with a stranger.

ok.  ice cream now.  not later.  maybe some popcorn too.  and diet 7-up.  or, maybe an apple.

i just cant decide.  help me decide.

i have never caught a person falling 25 feet from  a sky ride.

knock knock.  who's there?

hi all 7 grand kids!  love all of you. now go have fun.

hi chris.  now go on a vacation!

ice cream now.

i will return.