Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Does anyone see the four breeds of dogs in the above picture.  I have not been able to find even one breed let alone four breeds.  I thought I saw a Bull Mastiff......but then I lost it again.  So frustrating......Someone suggested that the picture needs to be viewed with our eyes crossed.  Don't even try it. 
 IT DOES NO GOOD!!  I really think this is a hoax of some kind.  Hoaxes I hate.  Hate to use the word hate.  I should say 'Hoaxes I try to stay away from"  or something like that.

Love my wife. Love Kimmy.  Love Todd.  Love my grand kids.  Love my bike. Love where I live.  Love Yorkies.  Hey...thought I saw a Yorkie in the above picture.  It was a mistake.  I was actually staring at our Yorkie "Lucy" and I thought I saw a flower on her coat, or in her coat, or around her nose area.  Confusing.
It turned out to be just a reflection as she was staring at herself in a low lying mirror that we have in our house.  Lucy has been in our family for almost ten years, and still wants to bite me when I go to work.  That is the absolute truth....I think she learned that from Chris.  Chris and I don't kiss, we bite.  Weird.

Does anyone see the galaxies in the above picture.  Taken by Hubble.  I see 'em all.  This one much easier than finding the four 'dogs' in the top, flower pix (short for picture).  That one still has me baffled.  The Galaxy picture, if you look closely, shows the oldest galaxy ever recorded.  Almost 14 billion light years
 away.  Find the big one in the picture.  Go straight down to the edge of the photo. Go left and it is the small spec right on the edge of the photo.  That is one old Galaxy.  But, hey, we just think it is a Galaxy.  What do we know.  It could be an optical illusion.  A space anomaly.  A spec on the Hubble lens.  Who knows.  I think it is the oldest Galaxy.  Wonderful and intriguing, all tied together.  AND.......does a life form live way out there on a planet?  Do they have Safeway's, and Starbucks?

I love Lucy.

Don't bother looking at the meat.  It is the barbecue that I'm talking about.  Bought it from my psychiatrist.  It is the best dang cooker known to mankind.  Got it for $99....and that was a steal.  The doc could have charged double, and I would have bought it.  Sucker!  A real good outdoor kitchen.  And very compact.  I just love that thing.  If it starts flaming out of control, my plan is to pick it up with my oven gloves on and throw it out in the street.  That way my house wont burn down.  Burn down the house = deal with wife.
Oh would that be a conversation in the courtroom.

Update:  went to orthopedic Dr. today and found out I need a new left knee, new right hip, lots of deductible monies.  Injuries incurred while playing in the NFL.  In my dreams.  Injuries incurred from good old fashioned life.  I am wearing out people!  Chris broke down and cried when I told her the news.  I told her to quit crying you big baby.  She stopped.  She wants me to fall down a flight of stairs, me yelling and screaming the entire way down so she can console me with uncontrollable laughter.  Allright!

Take care all you peoples out there.  Pay something forward.  It is good for the soul.