Saturday, September 12, 2020

Politics. You Choose.


A brewer in Seattle puts a Police slur on each can of beer.

Rob Bonita - a California Assemblyman....a formulating a wealth tax designed, and intended for, people that move out of California. For 10 years, those that move out of state, would be liable to pay taxes as if they still live in California.

Seattle Police Chief, resigns.  A woman of color.  Not because she could not do the job, rather, the entire city council voted to de-fund Seattle's police budget, something the Police Chief could not accept.
New York governor begs for people to return to the state.  Many New Yorkers leaving the state.

 Joe Biden takes credit for the Israel / United Arab Emirates peace agreement that was gaining traction when he and Obama were in the White House.

And while in the White House, the Obama-Biden administration sent $1.7 billion dollars to Iran.

Nancy Pelosi  adamantly says that President Trump, being nominated for TWO Nobel Peace Prize's, is just a distraction. He is just a lousy president.

Jerrold Nadler says all the riots and  destruction that is going on in our cities is just a myth. 

The Pledge of Allegiance left out the word GOD, when recited at the opening of the Democratic National convention.

Nancy Pelosi refers to President Trump as 'whats his name'.

The Los Angeles Tourism Office suggests that residents of LA stay home, keeping their money local.  This money is desperately needed for Los Angles to keep running and viable.

Democratic Catholics in the House of Representatives, and Biden and Pelosi, also Catholics, haved blamed President Trump directly for the 180.000 Corona Virus deaths.  These same Catholics say nothing about the 1 million abortions performed in 2020.  The Roman Catholic Church is Pro-Life.

Pelosi caught with no face covering, (totally ignoring her own demands that all wear masks) in a hair salon in San Francisco.  That salon is shut down to regular customers due to California political leaders.

Kamala Harris makes us believe  she is pro-women.  Then Harris visits felon Jacob Blake in the hospital, stating that he doing so well and she is proud of him.  He is a violent felon, abusing and raping women,  fights law enforcement, and was shot while reaching for a knife, totally ignoring Police commands.

Violent rioters disrupt Pittsburgh diners.

Hollywood, claiming to be strongly pro woman, says nothing about the new movie 'Cuties'.  Cuties exploits 11 year old girls being sexualized in the movie.

Pray for these political Democrats.  Prayer works.