Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Bluest Skies are in Seattle...YES THEY ARE!!!

True or False: T or F

It always rains in Kirkland T or F

False. Not all the time, just most of the time, and

we don't use umbrellas!

Mount Rainer is in Oregon T or F

False. Mount Rainer is now in Idaho.

It USE to be in Washington, but the

tectonic plates moved it to Idaho.

Oregon is in Mount Rainer T or F

False. Oregon is in Oregon.

Oregon is in Washington T or F

True. On a technicality. The mighty

Columbia River separates both states

and thus, water molecules do inter-mingle

with the banks of the state of Washington.

Thus, Oregon at times, is in the State of


I turned 53 on the 17th of February T or F

False. I turned 59, or as Chris likes to say,

Tom, you are one year shy of 60. Crap.

I took my wife to Starbucks today T or F

True. And every time I take Chris to a Starbucks,

she always wants to come home with me


I planted 4 blueberry bushes this AM T or F

False. It was in the PM.

I ate the first blueberry off of the new

bush T or F

True. I mean False. It was actually a leaf

off of the bush that I ate. I think it had a worm

on it.

Drove my Chrysler that sleeps about 20 T or F

False. Only the B-52's have a Chrysler

that sleeps about 20.

It's as big as a whale T or F

True. Really. If you question this

one Google up the B-52's and listen to


Ate lots of birthday cake washed down

with pretend 7-up from Safeway T or F

True. Diet pretend 7-up from Safeway with

a Diet pretend birthday cake. Burp.

Getting my hair cut on Sunday T or F

True. But only if Erika is there. Otherwise,

I have to go to this guy that has tattoos everywhere.

Scary lookin' dude.

Will see the Moody Blues this Summer

at Chateau St. Michelle T or F

True. June 5th. This venue is the

best. Hard to describe. Drinkin' that

day....cold bottled water. So delicious.

My wife will be with me T or F

True. Best part of going to these concerts.

It seems we fall in love all over again at these

things. So last season, we fell in love 3 times.

Space Needle is leaning even more now T or F

True. If it does tip over, I will win a $100 bet

with my neighbor. He thinks it wont tip over.

Easy money.

The mountain was out today T or F

False. Cloudy. Couldn't see a thing.

Hydros are: Dam, boat, Greek food Y or N


I put in the Y or N statement above

which does not fit it with the T or F motif T or F


Jim on terr ell threvvb & therms jib ell T or F


Best movie ever: Casablanca T or T

False. Revenge of the Nerds best movie

ever. Casablanca.....not a chance.

Please tally your answers and send me the

information. It is part of my Ph D at the University

of Washington.

Thank you. Pals.