Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Can't Wait For My Next BLT........

.........I am a little rusty......I just wiped out about 15 minutes of a new post I was doing by hitting the wrong buttons.  I gots me some clumsy fingers.  Oh well.

It has been almost 2 years since my last post.....brought to my attention by a loyal follower.....I just did not realize it has been that long since my last entry.  I have always liked doing posts.  Humor very important. Talking non-sense and waiting for people to respond.  Lots-o-fun.  It must be understood that my non-sense is 98.5% true stuff.  The other 1.5% is for effect and is intended for  your imagination. Fun stuff.  Dammmmmmit.

Like:  I was not the founder of Starbucks.  It was Microsoft I founded.  I did not save 38 people from a sinking boat in the Pacific ocean.  It was 37.  I have always been a guy. Well, there was that time.......forget that.  When I visited New York City, I could not believe the people.  I have never been to New York City.  Where is New York City?  East of Nampa Idaho as the big crow flies.  I can talk to most anyone I meet in my world.  Some of them are flat out weird and they love themselves.  That is OK in my mind.  I do love Broadway.  Been in 14 productions.  7 as the leading man.  2 as the leading woman. Really.  Don't believe it.

Now to other things more important.  I hope Trump can change his image.  We need a change in the White House. To say the least.  If Trump becomes our next president, I pray that he can handle the challenge and unite our country, and change the world.  Please pray for this.  Please pray for our next president.

Abortion.  Please pray for those involved in abortion.  The clinics.  The employees.  The doctors.  The mothers.  The babies.  Praying is the only thing we can do.   It is working.

Trangender restroom-locker rooms.......there are some real thinkers running our government.  There are some real idiots that tell the thinkers how to make decisions.  Wow.  Pray.

This coming December I will have 10 years of sobriety.  A real miracle.  Unbelievable.   Lots of vodka was killing me.  I lost friends.  I lost family.  I lost interest in my business.  I lost all of these things.  Alcoholism robs people.  Life is taken away from us, greatly impacts others, and it does kill.

My son and daughter-in-law just a few days ago lost a close friend to alcoholism.  A young teacher that lost her life to this disease.  It is so sad to hear these stories.  It does not have to be this way.  All this person needed was a support network and daily visits to AA meetings.  Never never never give up on an alcoholic.  You may save their life.  Believe it.

AA has been saving lives for over 80 years, and it is the only way an alcoholic can beat this disease.  An alcoholic will die at some point, due to alcoholism, if their disease goes untreated.  I am so passionate about this.  AA everyday is saving my life. And I am thankful.  If you have a friend or family member that is having trouble with alcohol, confront them in a very loving way, and help them get treatment.  Do not enable them, and, for yourself, attend Al-Anon meetings to get educated.  Be relentless when dealing with friends or family that have alcohol problems.  If you do not, you will lose them.  It can be treated!

And, by the way, I have regained, and surpassed, a great life due to my AA program.  It is because of God that this program has worked for me.  God answered a simple prayer....."God, I need help"..... is all I prayed.  Four days later I was in a treatment center in Kirkland Washington. An intervention put me there, and I have not had a desire to drink since.  A miracle.  Oh yes - miracle.

I will do another post soon.  It feels good to put words down.  Thanks.     TomG