Thursday, July 28, 2016

Miracles. You Decide.

This December, 2016, will be ten years of sobriety for me.  I have told my story before, not to build me up, but to help others.  I want to help other alcoholics. With a passion.  Here is my miracle......

Very secretly, I drank for many years.  Mostly at my office where no one would see me.  Like all alcoholics, my drinking started slowly, but over time, it progressed, and took over my life. It affected my kids, my family, my business, my neighbors, strangers.  I put my wife through hell, because I was never around.  I was not a good husband.  Alcohol had taken over.  Today, Chris loves me dearly.  She did not give up on me, and for that I have prayers of thanks to God for Chris.  Every day.

Alcoholics cannot stop drinking on their own.  They need help.  I will say that again.  Alcoholics cannot stop drinking on their own.  They need help.  AA.....Alcoholics the best, offering the 12 steps of AA.  Alcoholics cannot stop drinking on their own.  Ever.

I had no thoughts of stopping my drinking (not knowing at the time that it would be impossible for me to stop on my own).  And in my last year(s) of drinking, I would visit the liquor stores daily for vodka.  Lots of vodka.  I had to have it so I could function.  Very scary thinking about this.  And I was, like many alcoholics, self centered and relied on no one.  I could handle this.  For the rest of my life.  Never prayed.  Remember, I relied on no one, not even God.  But one day, something happened.

December 6, 2006, at 930 in the morning, I sat down at my desk, at work, looking out a large window, and said 'God, I need help'.  That is all I said.  And remember, alcoholics cannot stop drinking on their own.  10 AM the liquor store opens.  10 AM arrives, and I do not go. This is impossible.  All day, I did not go to the liquor store.  Again, impossible.  Thursday, I do not go to the liquor store.  Friday and I do not go to the liquor store.  I did not understand what was happening, but I did not buy vodka.  Saturday arrived, and Chris, my loving wife took me out for coffee.  I remember tears in her eyes.  We held hands for the first time in years.  I was, I think, confused. Two hours and then we headed back home.  I have been sober for 4 days.  No alcohol in my system.  Feeling pretty good. We got home, went through our front door (usually used our garage to get into the house) and there in our living room were 20 people for an intervention, for me, for my drinking.

Remember that prayer to God when I asked for help?  He answered.  He prepared me for treatment.  Physically, mentally, and spiritually.  And my daughter and family were praying every day that the intervention would work. And they were praying for me way before my little prayer.

I look back on those four days, and I truly believe that God saved me.  At the moment of my prayer, I lost all desire to drink.  Impossible.  It was a miracle.  Thank you Lord!

After I got out of treatment, I closed my business of 35 years.  I worked in public schools with young students, helping them. And I went back to my treatment center, and for 8 years, worked full time on the graveyard shift helping addicts.  The very best job I ever had.  Maybe Gods plan.  I know it was His plan. That is my miracle.

Family or friends with problem drinking?  Look into AA.  Treatment.  Do not give up.  AA has worked miracles for 83 years.  It works. It is the only way that works.  And pray.  God will answer.  I know.

Now hear a miracle!   Breaking the Silence, on Family Talk with James Dobson

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Thanks all, and believe in God.
Miracles happen.  Pray!    
Tom G

Thank you Lord for all that you have given me.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Here is what we need to do as humans......My wife sent me this knowing I would like it.  I do like it and I want to give it to you.  As it says, it is for confused people.  If you are not confused, don't bother reading this.


Here's a handy reference list.

Male - Love Them
Female - Love Them
Unsure - Love Them
Gay - Love Them
Straight - Love Them
Unsure - Love them
Addict - Love Them
Sober - Love Them
Believer - Love Them
Unbeliever - Love Them
Unsure - Love them

So,  get confused.  And then start to live.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Get Out There and Vote! After you pray!

I think we all have opinions about our politicians.....from little towns and cities, from the state level, and all the way to Washington DC.  Some politicians are very effective, regardless of the constant pressures that they navigate from all the interest groups.  They choose to fight for what is right, knowing full well they may only have they're job for one term.  They are the brave ones.  And then those other politicians.  They go where the wind blows....regardless of the promises they made to get their job. Sort of spineless people.

There are Republicans, and Democrats that fit the words above.

But here is something that really makes a statement.


In this 2016 year, to date, Planned Parenthood has contributed  $191,484.00 to 100 Democrats.
Zero dollars to Republicans.   $5000.00 to Hillary Clinton.   Zero dollars to Trump.

In 2014, Planned Parenthood contributed $585,305.00 to 149 Democrats.  $2328.00 to 1 Republican.

In 2008, Planned Parenthood contributed $3674.00 to Clinton & Obama.  Zero dollars to Republicans.

The above figures came off of the Web site Open

Lots of blood money for the Democrats.   Millions and millions of babies killed in abortions.

So, who are you going to vote for?  Think about it.