Thursday, December 12, 2013


Oh I think there are plenty of people out there.  I am here.  In Redmond,  Washington.   Where it has been earth-shattering cold the last couple of weeks.  In the low teens, to hovering, and trying to reach, those warm days in our Redmond town......but, the cold has continued, and it has now come with our famous rain.  As you all know, it rains all the time in the greater Seattle area.  I do not recommend coming here, ever.  You will not like it.  Misery.  Miserable.  Oh well.  If you HAVE to visit,  and you want to avoid the challenging weather we get all the time, you must get here by first week in March, and you must leave mid-November.  Between those months we have the most beautiful weather around the world.  Do not tell your friends this though. It is a huge ....and I mean huge, secret, here in the Seattle area.

OK, here is what I have been doing in no particular order, but in somewhat of an order..........

Still married to Chris.  35 years March 10th, 2014. I think.

I had my right hip replaced with a titanium laced, beautifully built, tremendously strong new hip.  July 22nd, 2013.

I had my left knee replaced with a titanium laced, beautifully built, tremendously strong new knee.  October 29th, 2013.

And, my right knee was done back in 2010.  Same doctor.  Same hospital.  Same rehab.

Hey....and by the way... did all of those surgery's without any anesthesia.  Just kidding.

I have been able to walk now every day.....short walks to get the mail, or longer walks and got lost.  All the time with zero pain.  Life changing to be sure.  Wife still yells at me every once in a while.  I deserve it I am sure.

Chris has noticed, however, that I am walking much better (to say the least) and she is so pleased. No more walking like Frankensteins monster.  For those of you wondering, my left hip is in great shape.

I continue to work at a local hospital that specializes in alcohol and drug addiction.  What a job it is, and it is the most rewarding job.  I am still on the graveyard shift, and I get to help all patients. That cannot sleep. Patients going through very painful withdrawals.  Patients that want to leave.  Patients that are angry.  Or scared.  But, they are people that will get better, and have outstanding lives.  I am one of only two staff members that work the graveyard shift, along with a nurse.  Addiction is tough, but it can be conquered.

Chris just brought me a bowl of the best dang ice cream.  Now, that is living.  I like ice cream big time!

Chris and I drove from Redmond Washington to Nampa Idaho to visit our 4 grand kids, daughter Kimmy, and son-in-law Mark.  We were there for 5 days.  Had a great Thanksgiving dinner (week early from normal Thanksgiving time) and built ginger bread houses. I suggest the following:  Go to grocery store and buy Graham crackers, 3 tubs Betty Crocker vanilla frosting, Dots, chocolate and vanilla morsels.  Take it all home and start building your house, using the frosting as the cement to hold the house together.  When done building, immediately start eating it.  Great experience.

I also suggest the following.  Drive 8 straight hours with your spouse.

I also suggest the following.  Have kids so you can have grand kids.  Chris and I have 4 in Nampa Idaho, and Trey, our grandson, in Seattle.  Treys mom and dad both played college sports (Todd.. football and our daughter in law  Trey appears to be destined for some kind of athletics, but I would be just as pleased if Trey chose a path in life that leads him to God, and a profession that allows him to make a difference in this world.  It would also be very cool to see Trey graduate from Stanford University, alongside Lulu, Levi, Ila, and Silas, his Nampa Idaho cousins.  5 Stanford University graduates.  Now that would be amazing, not to mention bank account draining.  It's only money.  5 priceless grand kids.

How about those Seahawks.

We changed our television service from Comcast to Frontier.  Good decision.  Better quality and less money.  I love TV.  It is therapeutic.  Especially 'The Simpsons'....and of course  'Survivor'....

That is Arthur.  The best dog ever.  I miss him.

That is my twin. Likes coffee.

That is Lucy.  Our other dog.  She stills bites me after living with her for almost 12 years.  Really.

My two girls.  Lucy and Chris.

My other girl.  Kimmy.  Nampa Idaho.  I miss her.

My other 2 girls.  Lulu.  Ila.  Nampa Idaho.  I miss them.

And this aint a girl.  Levi. Tremendously unique. Nampa Idaho.  I miss him.

And Silas.  Nampa Idaho.     And Trey.  Seattle Washington.  Beautiful grandsons.

And, as promised, rain in Redmond, Washington.

By for now all my friends.  Happy holidays...and as Ellen says...