Saturday, December 17, 2011



I'm going to lay down now......I will be going to work in a couple of hours.

I will dream of oatmeal cookies. Yummy.

Find your kindness.


Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well....anyway, here I am drinking coffee. Of course in the land of make believe, it is a Starbucks brew. I had such a gracious welcome back on my last post...simply called 'HI Pals'......I thought I'd do another. What the heck.

So, my 3 girlfriends.....Mary the hat lady and the WOW lady and the grandma lady.....Dee Dee the remodel lady and the mama of 2 teenagers lady and the lives east of Seattle lady......and Judy the picture taking lady and the Disney vacation lady and the lives in Florida lady.......all 3 said hello back to me on my last post. Hello.

Life is good. Just got married to my 5th wife. She promises me that she is not after my money.....but dang, she is already upset that I have 3 girlfriends in all corners of the world. This new wife....I think her name is Betty....she's a firecracker. Anyway, enough of this talk about Betty, which now that I think about it, her name is Elizabeth. Whatever.

(insert picture here)

So, how ya'll been?

I'm doing pretty darn special. Chris (first wife) just came in to see how I was doing and to see if I needed any help on this blog/post/innerweb communication. Yes, it is true. Chris still lives under the same roof with me and whats her name. Chris gets along well with Ellen. I think that's her name....Ellen. She looks like an "Ellen".

(picture here)

Ranin' here in Seattle today. And Cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. What we have here is a wet cold, as opposed to a dry cold. Either way, when you're sixty, it doesn't matter if its a wet cold, or a dry cold......cold is cold. Hot is hot........and I need coffee right now.

(put another picture here)

Got to go to bed for a little nap now.....heading to work tonite at 9:30 PM. Alcohol and Drug treatment amazing place...I get to participate in saving lives......

(picture here)

Now to close are some thoughts to ponder:

1. Will the Seahawks make the playoffs?

2. Is the Pope Catholic?

3. Will we ever see a movie better than JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH?

4. Have any of you taken a nap, and then gone to bed after your nap?

5. Ponder this: put grated Tillamook cheese on your next bowl of popcorn, followed by a drizzling of a 1/2 pound of Tillamook real butter. Warsh it down with pretend 7-up from Safeway. Go to nearest ER for cholesterol checkup

6. Wake up and smell the roses.

And remember......Those who anger us, also control us.

Take care pals.

Tom g.

From Seattle Washington

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011


OK, this post is not about Quilting, but it is a catchy title. I think if I liked quilting, I'd really like it, but I've never I really don't know.

Review of Summer 2011

It was such a fun summer, I don't know where to start...Hey....wait a minute, summer hasn't happened yet. Oh, I am confused. My wife Chris, I think, asked me if I was looking forward to summer and I think I started daydreaming. That was 2 weeks ago. Thus, the review. Never mind.

I need a picture at this point in this blog or post or whatever this thing is called.

So this first picture tells me something. I'm emotional, and, I need a 'rug', if you know what I mean. I told Chris that if she ever saw a 'rug' at Value Village, I'd wear it if she brought it home.

So, instead of telling you what I did this past summer, which is still to come, I will tell you what I did these past 11 days. NOTHING! Not really, I did lots of stuff. Here are some pictures and my own commentary. You can either believe what I say, or not. Completely up to you.

Taught the dogs the game 'Hide and Seek' this picture, they both hid in this quilt...hey, Quilt! This post IS about Quilting, isn't it? Fabulous. Anyway, I found both dogs pretty quickly in this first go at Hide and Seek. Lucy bit me when I started laughing at her. NEXT!

Refer up to the barbecue. As you can see, the barbecue itself is brand new......stainless steel look, in fact it is stainless steel.....high quality, good value, product from my favorite retailer, Costco. (I love Costco....lowers my blood pressure and basically causes me to feel like I'm floating). Back to the barbecue..... It is so shiny, I can even brush my teeth while looking into the mirror-like hinged hood. Notice also the high quality hot dogs....also from Costco. If you look real carefully, you see the flame actually cooking the hot dogs...... NEXT!

Of the 11 days off that I took from work (at the same time that Chris took time off from her job) the above 2 stories were in the first 2 hours of the first day.....But the most unusual time was when Arthur (our 9 pound Yorkshire Terrier) came up to me and asked if I could teach him how to use the new clicker for our new TV, entertainment center, audio-visual extravaganza. No I barked. I told him that even I didn't know how to use the new clicker.....Not to be upset about that, Arthur decided to watch TV anyway. His motto 'Any TV is better than no TV'....he growls at me if I walk in front of him, especially if Judge Judy is on.

And that Oriental that Arthur is sitting on .......I cleaned, I was thinking of cleaning it. I'll do that next Spring vacation.

Other stuff I did.....lots of naps just before bed. Lots of barbecue...chicken, polish dogs, wanted to do some steaks, vegetables. Chris (love that girl) got me a metal, stand-up-to-high-heat-on-the-barbecue, pan type thing that is used for veggies on the barbecue. So delicious. Mowed lawns, used my weed wacker.....(lost no blueberry plants...had to be there) had Starbucks with pals, took Chris out to dinner, got our Moody Blues tickets.....June 5th at St. Michelle Winery..walked in the rain in shorts and no umbrella.....try it you big babies. It is refreshing and we ARE waterproof. Watched on our new Sony system our first place Seattle Mariners baseball team. TV in high definition is out of this world, like Pluto or something. Finished up with scuba diving in the great Puget Sound, swam with the Orcas...and jumped out of a couple of airplanes, and you would all be proud of me. I remembered to put on my chute this time.

See you all again sometime. Until then, happy trails to you, and all that stuff....


Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Bluest Skies are in Seattle...YES THEY ARE!!!

True or False: T or F

It always rains in Kirkland T or F

False. Not all the time, just most of the time, and

we don't use umbrellas!

Mount Rainer is in Oregon T or F

False. Mount Rainer is now in Idaho.

It USE to be in Washington, but the

tectonic plates moved it to Idaho.

Oregon is in Mount Rainer T or F

False. Oregon is in Oregon.

Oregon is in Washington T or F

True. On a technicality. The mighty

Columbia River separates both states

and thus, water molecules do inter-mingle

with the banks of the state of Washington.

Thus, Oregon at times, is in the State of


I turned 53 on the 17th of February T or F

False. I turned 59, or as Chris likes to say,

Tom, you are one year shy of 60. Crap.

I took my wife to Starbucks today T or F

True. And every time I take Chris to a Starbucks,

she always wants to come home with me


I planted 4 blueberry bushes this AM T or F

False. It was in the PM.

I ate the first blueberry off of the new

bush T or F

True. I mean False. It was actually a leaf

off of the bush that I ate. I think it had a worm

on it.

Drove my Chrysler that sleeps about 20 T or F

False. Only the B-52's have a Chrysler

that sleeps about 20.

It's as big as a whale T or F

True. Really. If you question this

one Google up the B-52's and listen to


Ate lots of birthday cake washed down

with pretend 7-up from Safeway T or F

True. Diet pretend 7-up from Safeway with

a Diet pretend birthday cake. Burp.

Getting my hair cut on Sunday T or F

True. But only if Erika is there. Otherwise,

I have to go to this guy that has tattoos everywhere.

Scary lookin' dude.

Will see the Moody Blues this Summer

at Chateau St. Michelle T or F

True. June 5th. This venue is the

best. Hard to describe. Drinkin' that

day....cold bottled water. So delicious.

My wife will be with me T or F

True. Best part of going to these concerts.

It seems we fall in love all over again at these

things. So last season, we fell in love 3 times.

Space Needle is leaning even more now T or F

True. If it does tip over, I will win a $100 bet

with my neighbor. He thinks it wont tip over.

Easy money.

The mountain was out today T or F

False. Cloudy. Couldn't see a thing.

Hydros are: Dam, boat, Greek food Y or N


I put in the Y or N statement above

which does not fit it with the T or F motif T or F


Jim on terr ell threvvb & therms jib ell T or F


Best movie ever: Casablanca T or T

False. Revenge of the Nerds best movie

ever. Casablanca.....not a chance.

Please tally your answers and send me the

information. It is part of my Ph D at the University

of Washington.

Thank you. Pals.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Please don't read this

Oh, OK. It is Friday night. Grandkids spending the night. They are tucked in and sound asleep. Beautiful little beings . Took 'em out ice skating tonight. They loved it.

Lulu requested blueberry pancakes for dinner.......and that is what we had....with some bacon, milk, ice water. $4.99 for 24 ounce container of fresh blueberries at Costco. Good value.

I have 4 days off this week. Taking a paid holiday for my Saturday night shift.......hope they can do without me for one night. No one to pick up one piece of litter. I'll pick up two the next night. It is not that hard to bend over and pick up a piece of litter. Unless it's blowing about 35.....then you have to bend over and run at the same time. Not easy. But it can be done. Blowin' 50? Forget it.

How about them Packers! Who cares. We love our Sonics. Really weird.....Sonics play all their home games in Oklahoma City now. That is mind 'altering' blowing! Or just simply mind blowing. Will someone please tell me whats going on.

Raining today in the Seattle area. We do have outstanding blue skies above the cloud cover, and great sunsets. Who needs Nantucket shambucket. Do not vacation here. You will be not like it.

Do not ride our ferry boats. Do not look at Mt. Rainer. Do not go to Pike place Market. And, do not look at people that live here. If you do, you will be barked at. Yes, like a dog bark.

How about them Steelers. They lost. Ho Hum. Next.

Hey.....going to the Nordic museum in Ballard on the 12th. Should be interesting and all. I'll probably be bored after 10 minutes.....I'll be looking for a TV somewhere. Love TV. Survivor.

Judge Judy. The Ellen Degeneres Show. Natgeo.

Got my degree from UW in Urban Planning in 1974 and went directly to Alaska to fish on a 125 foot shrimper. Scary job. Spent alot of time in Sand Point Alaska. Now that's where you want to vacation. Yes sir!

Talk to you all later. Going out to a dive of a tavern to watch my co-worker play punk rock. He's the drummer. 43 years old. Get a life! Yup....7-up here I come. Adios.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Come in, I'll put on a pot of Bourbon

That title is out of a Shirley McClain movie. When she says that line in the movie it is hilarious. "Come in, I'll put on a pot of Bourbon"....even us crazy non drinkers can enjoy that line.

Hey....Raining here in Seattle. What else is new? The NFL should award the Superbowl to Seattle.....mid 40' that new Dallas setup all over the place.....5 inches of snow. Wow.

3rd grandchild Ila due this May. Lulu's little sister. Poor Levi......dealing with 2 sisters. I'm puttin' my foot down when those 2 gals dress up Levi as one of their dolls.....aint happnin'..

Got a nice going away hug from a young lady that just completed 28 days of treatment for heroin addiction. I see miracles every day. Going back to day would never think it was the same person. Very emotional. Her goodbye was 'see you in 18 months Tom'......that is my employers time line for any patients to come back and apply for work at the treatment center I work at. I would guess about 95% of our staff where I work are recovering addicts. Very powerful. Very amazing. Gods work on lucky I am.

September 7th of 2010.....right knee replaced. Right knee doing great. Left knee jealous. Half my body dances every day......never did that before. Great surgeon. Great staff. Great Great Great, just Great.

Pittsburgh or Green Bay? Who cares.

Superbowl commercials? Who doesn't care.

Getting mentally ready to start gardening. In fact, I'm heading out to the garage to dust off my weed favorite tool.

Laundry. I love using too much soap for too little clothes.......with a splash of really good smelling baby shampoo that is normally used on Arthur and Lucy.

Still doing the lights and darks together.....Never done it any other way. Oh well.

I remember my first bike. Back in the 50's. Lots of black and white paint, with lots of chrome. Bike helmets were not invented at that time. Or cell phones. Or computers. Or color TV. Or flat screen TV. No imagination back then I guess.....people never thought out of the box.

Pittsburgh or Green Bay. Seahawks could beat them both hands down on consecutive days. Only NFL city where fans created an earthquake. Damn impressive. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Singing in the shower. I imagine most of you peoples do that. I don't. Can't sing and shower at the same time. Anyone have some gum out there? I'm going for a walk.

Remember all of you weather rains all the time in Seattle. Miserable place to live....and a crappy place to vacation.

My wife was on TV today.....she was stunning....something about a pig getting hit by a car. At the Pike Place Market. Home of the first Starbucks. Where the pigs are not real. They are huge and they are bronze. $56 worth of Alaska salmon in our refrigerator. Superbowl commercials meal. Love those Clydesdales. Are they real when they talk?

Take care Pal. tomg

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Attention! Correction.

You wont believe what I just found out! My previous blog, or post, whichever (I like calling it a blog) I had a trivia question about my wife and dog. The trivia question was 'What is my wife's correct name, Lucy or Chris?' And everyone of you who responded, said 'Chris'....and by the way thanks to the 48 of you who did respond......

Please sit down if your not sitting down now......My wife's name is Lucy! That's what she just told me...!! Can't hardly believe it. But in some ways, I do believe it. Weird. And to think for 31 years I've called her Chris. It is shocking to say the least. It is strange and I'm going to see a talking doctor about this. In the meantime, every thing else is fine. You should have seen the pile of clothes I folded today.......I think I had some dirty ones in there......oh well.

Yes honey, I'm washing the dishes. She's looking for me right now and I'm totally confused as to what to call 'her'......for now: Honey. Honey, we're out of dishwasher soap, bring me some shampoo.

By crew. Tomg

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome friends and family.....Twenty Eleven!

First, I need a picture, so let me see if I can remember how to do this bloggingpostingpicturing proceduring. Chris!!!! Come here. Oh, thanks for the sandwich. Do I have to do the dishes tonight? Can I still watch Judge Judy? Super. Hey....cold Safeway Refreshe pretend 7-Up ice cold. I'm in heaven man. Love my wife.
Hey....I did it. I want the pictures under the writing though. Can't remember how to do that. Peel and stick...drag and curl....whatever. Honey! Can I have some ice cream? Hurry! I can't wait much longer. Close your eyes!!! Dang, she almost saw herself on my blog here. I want her to be surprised. Here is a quiz. In the above picture (not the one of my brother) there is Lucy and Chris. Here is a trivia question. What is my wife's real name? Lucy? Chris?
This year these will be done by me:
* I will welcome and love my new granddaughter
* I will stay married to a wonderful wife
* I will listen more and talk less
* I will continue to do yardwork
* I will nap on the back patio more often
* I will have Sears tune up my weed wacker Yes!
* I will not kill another blueberry bush
* I will bring more energy to my job
* I will encourage those that I work with
* I will work harder for the patients that I have
* I will pick up at least one piece of litter a day
* My cars will sparkle
* My garage will be clean and organized
* I will lower our debt
* I will give my wife that new 3D flat screen TV she wants
* I will wear my high school Letterman's jacket more often
* I will pray more
* I will say thanks more
* I will continue to eat ice cream
* and peanut M&M's
* and peanut butter and crackers
* and old fashioned doughnuts
* and alot more stuff
* I will lose weight
* I will excersise
* I will laugh more
* I will not cry as much. Only when you know who cries.
* I will skydive. No I wont.
* I will do more of these things
* ETC.
Goodbye pals. See you soon! Tom G.