Thursday, December 12, 2013


Oh I think there are plenty of people out there.  I am here.  In Redmond,  Washington.   Where it has been earth-shattering cold the last couple of weeks.  In the low teens, to hovering, and trying to reach, those warm days in our Redmond town......but, the cold has continued, and it has now come with our famous rain.  As you all know, it rains all the time in the greater Seattle area.  I do not recommend coming here, ever.  You will not like it.  Misery.  Miserable.  Oh well.  If you HAVE to visit,  and you want to avoid the challenging weather we get all the time, you must get here by first week in March, and you must leave mid-November.  Between those months we have the most beautiful weather around the world.  Do not tell your friends this though. It is a huge ....and I mean huge, secret, here in the Seattle area.

OK, here is what I have been doing in no particular order, but in somewhat of an order..........

Still married to Chris.  35 years March 10th, 2014. I think.

I had my right hip replaced with a titanium laced, beautifully built, tremendously strong new hip.  July 22nd, 2013.

I had my left knee replaced with a titanium laced, beautifully built, tremendously strong new knee.  October 29th, 2013.

And, my right knee was done back in 2010.  Same doctor.  Same hospital.  Same rehab.

Hey....and by the way... did all of those surgery's without any anesthesia.  Just kidding.

I have been able to walk now every day.....short walks to get the mail, or longer walks and got lost.  All the time with zero pain.  Life changing to be sure.  Wife still yells at me every once in a while.  I deserve it I am sure.

Chris has noticed, however, that I am walking much better (to say the least) and she is so pleased. No more walking like Frankensteins monster.  For those of you wondering, my left hip is in great shape.

I continue to work at a local hospital that specializes in alcohol and drug addiction.  What a job it is, and it is the most rewarding job.  I am still on the graveyard shift, and I get to help all patients. That cannot sleep. Patients going through very painful withdrawals.  Patients that want to leave.  Patients that are angry.  Or scared.  But, they are people that will get better, and have outstanding lives.  I am one of only two staff members that work the graveyard shift, along with a nurse.  Addiction is tough, but it can be conquered.

Chris just brought me a bowl of the best dang ice cream.  Now, that is living.  I like ice cream big time!

Chris and I drove from Redmond Washington to Nampa Idaho to visit our 4 grand kids, daughter Kimmy, and son-in-law Mark.  We were there for 5 days.  Had a great Thanksgiving dinner (week early from normal Thanksgiving time) and built ginger bread houses. I suggest the following:  Go to grocery store and buy Graham crackers, 3 tubs Betty Crocker vanilla frosting, Dots, chocolate and vanilla morsels.  Take it all home and start building your house, using the frosting as the cement to hold the house together.  When done building, immediately start eating it.  Great experience.

I also suggest the following.  Drive 8 straight hours with your spouse.

I also suggest the following.  Have kids so you can have grand kids.  Chris and I have 4 in Nampa Idaho, and Trey, our grandson, in Seattle.  Treys mom and dad both played college sports (Todd.. football and our daughter in law  Trey appears to be destined for some kind of athletics, but I would be just as pleased if Trey chose a path in life that leads him to God, and a profession that allows him to make a difference in this world.  It would also be very cool to see Trey graduate from Stanford University, alongside Lulu, Levi, Ila, and Silas, his Nampa Idaho cousins.  5 Stanford University graduates.  Now that would be amazing, not to mention bank account draining.  It's only money.  5 priceless grand kids.

How about those Seahawks.

We changed our television service from Comcast to Frontier.  Good decision.  Better quality and less money.  I love TV.  It is therapeutic.  Especially 'The Simpsons'....and of course  'Survivor'....

That is Arthur.  The best dog ever.  I miss him.

That is my twin. Likes coffee.

That is Lucy.  Our other dog.  She stills bites me after living with her for almost 12 years.  Really.

My two girls.  Lucy and Chris.

My other girl.  Kimmy.  Nampa Idaho.  I miss her.

My other 2 girls.  Lulu.  Ila.  Nampa Idaho.  I miss them.

And this aint a girl.  Levi. Tremendously unique. Nampa Idaho.  I miss him.

And Silas.  Nampa Idaho.     And Trey.  Seattle Washington.  Beautiful grandsons.

And, as promised, rain in Redmond, Washington.

By for now all my friends.  Happy holidays...and as Ellen says...


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boy oh Boy oh Boise

Love you guys......

Oh yes I do!

tomg   daddy   papa    Tom!!!! (yes Chris)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013



Two things awe me the most, the starry sky above me, and the moral law within me.  
'Immanuel Kant'

It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.
'Mark Twain'

The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.
'Dietrich Bonhoeffer'

We are like chameleons, we take our hue and the color out of our moral character, from those who are around us.
'John Locke'

Every conquering temptation represents a new fund of moral energy.  Every trial endured and weathered in the right spirit makes a soul nobler and stronger than it was before.
'William Butler Yeats'

The difference between a moral man and a man of honor is the latter regrets a discreditable act, even when it has worked and he has not been caught.
'HL Mencken'

The right way is not always the popular and easy way.  Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character.
'Margaret Chase Smith'

Moral authority is never retained by any attempt to hold on to it.   It comes without seeking and is retained without effort.
'Mahatma Gandhi'

Moral certainty, clear standards, and a commitment to spiritual ideals will set you apart in a world that searches for meaning.
'Mitt Romney'

We need men with moral courage to speak and write their real thoughts, and to stand by their convictions, even to the very death.
'Robert Green Ingersoll'

I am very disappointed in my country right now, because I think we've kind of lost our moral compass.
'Billy Corgan'

The conscience of children is formed by the influences that surround them;  their notions of good and evil are the result of the moral atmosphere they breathe.
'Jean Paul'

It's a moral question about whether we have the right to exterminate species.
'David Attenborough'

The most powerful moral influence is example.
'Huston Smith'

And, finally......

Be the CHANGE that you want to see in the World.

Make a difference.  Tom G.

Steak knives, hips, and rocks....ohhhhhyeaaaa

OK,  don't have a title.  Who cares?  I think the three of you care.    I care, but in a way that most others may not care, but if they knew the subject, they too would care. Enough of that.  What?  That. (editor made me in fact put a title disregard this first paragraph)

Now everyone of you, the above picture shows me either before my hip replacement and I'm  thinking that I am crazy to even consider such a thing......or, it is after my hip surgery. (yes, I chose to have it done...actually Chris decided to have it done.  She makes all of my decisions.  I love that about Chris.  She has all of the good ideas.  And for those that don't know....Chris is my mother.  Just kidding.  
She is my WIFE!!!!!!!

Notice the brand of coffee up, not on my hat....on the white cup you fools.  Here in the Northwest, we do not even need to have the company name spelled out on the cup....we just look at the logo.  Crap, what is the name?  "Chris, what is the name of the coffee company that I am drinking?"    Wow....she is crabby.  She just threw a rock at me and called me 'dummy'.  I don't think she likes me anymore.
I think she is still a spicy enchilada.  "MMMMMM.....I feel like have Mexican tonight...takeout of course.  "Chris, can I not cook tonight and you and I have Mexican tonight?"  OOO....another rock just zinged over my giant head.  She is just crazy.  One hit and I'm in the ER at Evergreen Hospital.  They like me at that hospital.  Tried cutting off my pinkie finger on my left hand a few years ago.  They fixed me up.  Didn't lose the finger, just the feeling in the finger.  I stir my coffee (and creamer in my coffee) with that finger.  Freaks everyone out.  Oh well.

Oh my, who is that person down below?  Poor guy.  

Chris and I were taking a tour of the hospital for my possible hip surgery, and I poked my head into this guys room.  Just had to take a picture.  Security showed up asking for the film, and I told them there is no film with a digital camera.  They left.  Overall, they were OK security people.  Looking after the guy in that room....that's their job.  Notice the towel on his head.  Wow baby.  Love to talk to him about his stay at the hospital.  I'd show him this picture and the hundreds of other ones I  took while in his room.

Above picture is Arthur.  Our Yorkie.  Arthur loved watching TV, especially when Chris and I got the 
big flat screen.  That dang TV as we call it, is as big as our backyard.  Arthur loved it.  And we loved Arthur.  Oh how did I get on this topic.  All I do is want to cry when I think of Arthur.  He was an amazing dog, but aren't they all!  OK...enough.

Lets talk about hip replacements.  OK.....I did it almost 4 weeks ago.  Still a little sore.  Afraid to ride a bike...go down lots of stairs...Next Spring for biking.  Afraid of my wife when she throws rocks at me.  She has stopped throwing rocks, and for that I am grateful.  I am a little nervous however.  I found a big round bulls eye target on our living room wall done in permanent marker (black, and red....scary) and in the very middle are all twenty of her grandmother razor sharp steak knives.  Come to think of it, I do not recall seeing those steak knives in at least 2 weeks.  Now I know we have them and I will sell them to a pawn shop soon.

To be continued.....

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Does anyone see the four breeds of dogs in the above picture.  I have not been able to find even one breed let alone four breeds.  I thought I saw a Bull Mastiff......but then I lost it again.  So frustrating......Someone suggested that the picture needs to be viewed with our eyes crossed.  Don't even try it. 
 IT DOES NO GOOD!!  I really think this is a hoax of some kind.  Hoaxes I hate.  Hate to use the word hate.  I should say 'Hoaxes I try to stay away from"  or something like that.

Love my wife. Love Kimmy.  Love Todd.  Love my grand kids.  Love my bike. Love where I live.  Love Yorkies.  Hey...thought I saw a Yorkie in the above picture.  It was a mistake.  I was actually staring at our Yorkie "Lucy" and I thought I saw a flower on her coat, or in her coat, or around her nose area.  Confusing.
It turned out to be just a reflection as she was staring at herself in a low lying mirror that we have in our house.  Lucy has been in our family for almost ten years, and still wants to bite me when I go to work.  That is the absolute truth....I think she learned that from Chris.  Chris and I don't kiss, we bite.  Weird.

Does anyone see the galaxies in the above picture.  Taken by Hubble.  I see 'em all.  This one much easier than finding the four 'dogs' in the top, flower pix (short for picture).  That one still has me baffled.  The Galaxy picture, if you look closely, shows the oldest galaxy ever recorded.  Almost 14 billion light years
 away.  Find the big one in the picture.  Go straight down to the edge of the photo. Go left and it is the small spec right on the edge of the photo.  That is one old Galaxy.  But, hey, we just think it is a Galaxy.  What do we know.  It could be an optical illusion.  A space anomaly.  A spec on the Hubble lens.  Who knows.  I think it is the oldest Galaxy.  Wonderful and intriguing, all tied together.  AND.......does a life form live way out there on a planet?  Do they have Safeway's, and Starbucks?

I love Lucy.

Don't bother looking at the meat.  It is the barbecue that I'm talking about.  Bought it from my psychiatrist.  It is the best dang cooker known to mankind.  Got it for $99....and that was a steal.  The doc could have charged double, and I would have bought it.  Sucker!  A real good outdoor kitchen.  And very compact.  I just love that thing.  If it starts flaming out of control, my plan is to pick it up with my oven gloves on and throw it out in the street.  That way my house wont burn down.  Burn down the house = deal with wife.
Oh would that be a conversation in the courtroom.

Update:  went to orthopedic Dr. today and found out I need a new left knee, new right hip, lots of deductible monies.  Injuries incurred while playing in the NFL.  In my dreams.  Injuries incurred from good old fashioned life.  I am wearing out people!  Chris broke down and cried when I told her the news.  I told her to quit crying you big baby.  She stopped.  She wants me to fall down a flight of stairs, me yelling and screaming the entire way down so she can console me with uncontrollable laughter.  Allright!

Take care all you peoples out there.  Pay something forward.  It is good for the soul.


Thursday, May 30, 2013




Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Chris suggested that I get back into listening talking creating writing posting blogging.  I said no.  I just want to eat ice cream.  Boy was that the wrong thing to say.  She called the police.  I'm afraid of her.  So, I changed my mind and decided to go with it.  Whew!  Good decision Tom G!  Hi Jude.  Where's my ice cream.  I love that stuff.  Especially vanilla.

LISTENING - Is there anybody out there?  That is what I'm talking about....wait....that is the next subject in this dissertation.  Listening, as we all know, is the best medicine when dealing with rude people.  We say nothing, give a fake smile, nod our heads a little showing fake interest, and when they are done, we beat the crap out of them.  I hate listening.  But I do it because it is good medicine for me...I like the medicine metaphor.  Did I spell metaphor right?  I really don't even know what metaphor means.  I heard it used in a sentence while LISTENING to someone.....and dang I said..I'm using that word someday.  Hi Jude.  So, wall-ah....metaphor is used!  To cap off this part of this mess, just remember...Listen more.  Talk less.  Or, here is a good one....Wag more.  Bark less.  Or....combine them in no particular order....Listen more.  Bark Less.  Bark less.  Listen less.  Wag more. Scratch less.  You know what I mean.

TALKING - OK, I talk alot.  But it has to be the right time and with the right person.  Jude.  Whereas I use to tell everyone how they needed to be, I now just say, " are you, I like your pigtails"...or something like that.  In other words, I try to be complimentary, without being too strange.  excuse me for a second....Hey Chris, bring me another bowl of ice cream!!!  Crap.  She said, "get it yourself bub".  Maybe if I throw in a 'please'  I'll get a bowl.  Chris!  Honey.  Please?  No.    I am so sad.  I love ice cream.  Anyways....getting back to talking.  It is a nice way to get to know others...even immediate family,  like say, a husband or a wife. Chris!  Anything you want to talk about?  Nevermind.

CREATING -  Way back in 8th grade, in art, we were asked to make an animal of our choice in paper-mache.  Walking into our classroom when we were all done, you would think you were at the San Diego zoo.  Until you came to my project.  I have no idea what I made.  It did not resemble anything in the animal kingdom.  I created a monster.  Dancing and paper-macheing in my world does not exist.  Sad but true. I can do the twist however.  Whenever I hear Chubby Checker on the radio, I do the twist.  Nice.  "Chris, Please can I have a piece of bread, please?" (notice: 2 'pleases')  I know what she is doing.  She is ignoring me.  She is pretending to be deaf.  I call it selective listening.  Effective I must say.  "Love you my angel"  and I mean that....even though I'm a little steamed for being turned down on a lousy piece of bread....OK, I'm over with it now.  Very peaceful now.  Or as Ringo says.."peace and love.  peace and love"  Wish I had his money.
(first person to identify above picture will get a call from my agent.  Hi J.  I can't remember my agents name.  I think he/she was an agent.  He/she may have been in the clergy....ah, whatever)

WRITING-POSTING-BLOGGING - As you can see, I have combined the last 3 quote-un-quote subjects because essentially I am doing all 3 at the same time with all of this mumbo-jumbo.  Hi Jude. Summer has arrived here in the great northwest (you know...Seattle!)  We know it is Summer because we put away our umbrellas and break out the khaki-shorts, white tenny runners and black socks.  Love it.  So, when it does rain, we have no worries.  Underdog is here. We do not reach for the umbrella.  We do not look for our raincoat.  We do not worry about getting our feet sloshy and wet.  We all say pretty much the same mantra..."we will dry off!!!"  It is the way to live.  We visit 7-11 alot for their specials. A sign of Summer.
I'm doing fine.

See you later alligators.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Guys,  Guys.  Are you there?  Let me in Guys."   Those words quoted by daughter Kimmy at Cannon Beach Oregon about 25 years ago.  Kimmy is now a mother of 4 beautiful kids, making me a grandpa for the last 6 years.

Remember him?  Big darn dude.  He lives with us now.  Travels with us in the car.  Hangs out the widow like a silly dog.  Ate alot of bugs hanging out that window.  Lots of slobber flying too!

Anyways, I have been lost in space looking for my blog-post thing on my computer, and here it is.  So the above quoted words of  guys , guys etc. is appropriate for this blog...I mean post.  Oh what the smog most and toast.  I love toast.

How's all you been lately?  My last thing/post I sent was about 15 months ago.  I quit posting because I decided to search for the best ice cream in the world, took me all of those 15 months, and became exhausted tasting and documenting, and WOW x 2...I found it right here in my back yard of Redmond Washington....right at the local Safeway.  Safeway brand Vanilla.

And don't be confused.  The above Ditto cans are not the Safeway packaging for their world famous vanilla brand vanilla ice cream.  They are the new packaging for a new private label Jell-o.  Glorious.

The guy holding the cans in this picture is you-know-who.  Who, you say?  I don't know who it is.  Nice smile.  

Squinty eyed fellow.  Good  person.  Trustworthy. Listens.  Generous.  Probably hysterically funny in a good kinda way.  Not too much over the top, if you know what I mean.  

Drizzly today here in Redmond Washington.....low 60's.  I'm gettin me a suntan today.  Take care out there and  be nice...I will return ......