Sunday, August 29, 2010

He does anything he wants in the woods.

Hey pals, this is the actual bear that was chasing me, (go back to previous post). I took this shot over my shoulder as I was running from him. About 2 seconds after I took this shot, I swanned dived over a 200 foot waterfall, and upon landing in this beautiful, pristine pool of water, was immediately invited by a family to join them at their picnic....they offered ham and cheese sandwiches, and (I couldn't believe it) Safeway's new 'Refresh' diet soda!

The previous post showed a 'bear' chasing me......That bear is not real......just a carving I have in my backyard......I used it as I could not find the real picture above........

PS. you should have heard the splash when this bear hit the water after me. To say we all started running is an understatement. We were pretty much done with the picnic. Just a little potato salad left.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Do bears poop in the woods? Do they like blue tents?

I got a hankerin' for camping. Don't know where that came from. Probably had a weird dream. Weird. Above photo shows the last time we went camping....Chris took this picture of a bear chasing me down the trail. Very scary. I read somewhere that bears are afraid of blue tents. Anyone have one out there we can borrow? Must go camping.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shortcuts....Always Easy

Well, here we go again. About 60 degrees out here. High overcast. Not raining. Moles are having their last meal in our backyard. Poor little rascals. And don't worry....I'm not using dynamite this time. It is a product from your local gardening store. Put it simply.......don't want it on your cereal.

Things to ponder, wonder, question.......

* Put your shopping cart back, only if you have to go a short distance. Someone else will put it back if it is a long way.....

* Be polite. Only when others are watching.

* Practice what you preach. Only when important.

* Treat most groups of people with respect; all others with indifference.

* Talk more. Listen less.

* Do not pick up litter. Just step over it.

* It's OK to be rude, when others are rude to you. Really, it's OK.

* Behave any way you want. It doesn't matter what others might see.

* Set your standards low. Much easier.

* Someone else can be a role model to the neighbors kids. They don't need you.

* Use email, or texting for thank-yous. Less hassle than a written thank-you note.

* Eat the last bowl of ice cream. Do not share it with anyone.


Smell the roses.
Listen to birds.
Appreciate all kinds of weather.
Put others first.
Treasure the simple things.
Get rid of selfishness.
See something good in everyone.
Get rid of critical.
Find compassion.
Do the right thing.
Live life.
Be Happy.

And, it is still 60, overcast, not raining. Sorry moles. Life is good.

See ya pals. Tomg.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Very busy, not crabby

Today, August 14th, I must get ready for my trip to the barber, doctor, dentist, financial planner, neighbor, 7-11, ice cream shop, church, museum, park, and then when I'm all done with that, I will meet a friend for coffee at 9AM at the local Starbucks. And I'm buyin' me a cinnamon roll with the money my wife gave me. I love my wife.

Then after that, I go home. At that time, I start to be funny. At around 6PM I'm takin' a nap, and after that, I'm going to bed.

Good day all you pals.