Saturday, November 18, 2017

Enjoy your ice cream Charles Darwin.

Evolution is a theory. 

Been around for the last 150 years or so. 

Charles Darwin thought up his theory, while at a Dairy Queen. 

Well, not quite a Dairy Queen yet.

(Darwin wanted a Dairy Queen now).

But it needed to be built.

Anyway, Darwin was at a neighbors house, and was served a very delicious slushy type drink. 

Darwin was hoping like heck that his drink would be carbonated.

But it was not.

Carbonation had not yet evolved. 

An intelligent person did find, and perfect, carbonation a little later.

Darwin was getting frustrated with the theory of evolution.  He wanted that carbonation. 

Oh well. 

Dairy Queen however, would, over time, evolve in those 150 years.

But not without newer and better building materials.

And lots of talented labor to build the building.

Hey, a new building just couldn't build itself.

Those builders were necessary.

The materials needed to be put together properly.

Not randomly.

It had to look like a Dairy Queen.

Not a tree house.

Or a pile of wood.

Dang! Darwin says.

Getting back to that slushy drink.

That cold slushy thing that Darwin enjoyed would not evolve into a yummy chocolate sundae.

Someone with great intelligence, had to create, and perfect ice cream.

"Dang it" said Darwin. 

He wanted that Dairy Queen to evolve, as his theory said it would. 

Sort of like his theory of evolution, and all of the animals, and humans, and flowers, and bacteria.

And sea monsters, and birds, and crocodiles.

And DNA, and bones, and blood, and human organs, and human eyes.

And giraffes, and enzymes, and elephants, and fruit flies that did evolve. 

All evolved, his theory says, over millions and millions, and more, millions of years. 

Or did they? 

Maybe evolved.

Hopefully evolved.

Probably didn't evolve.

Were created.

By God.

Science today refutes Darwins theory of evolution. Science today confirms just the opposite.  Creation.  Science today confirms that we are here through the creation of God.  Very simple.  All documented in the Bible. God created everything.  Even science. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Just about everything

did you hear the birds this morning?  yes they were beautiful........

you have to buy a volkswagen bug convertable.  good investment for your mental health and your marriage....oh yea baby.

and you must own your own ice cream maker.  really. actually quite fun, and when you
use a sugar substitute, you can eat about a gallon a night and have no worries.

before you die, get a job at a homeless shelter.  or just volunteer.  life changing.

are we human?  or are we dancer?  whats that mean?  google 'the killers'.  a song of theirs.

what a sunset.  always amazing.  think of this.  our sunsets are one of trillions to the tenth power.
who made our universe?

google again.....get on your laptop and go to google...... type in  'andy grammers' 'fresh eyes' on you tube and get the version with the man looking back at and listen to an outstanding story...... it has something to do with one of the above items......ok!

right this minute my wife is doing a post.  a cool subject, i'm sure.  i inspire her.  do you really want the truth?  ok.  she inspires me.

over 50 million babies have died due to abortions.  50,000,000.  heaven has room for them.

don't lend the ice cream maker to your neighbor.  instead, invite them over to your place.  tell them when they arrive when they have to go.

cocaine.  a very famous song sung by my friend eric clapton.

wait a minute.  i never said that.

last night was not good for sleep.  the dark house did not challenge me.  many rooms to visit and no where to go.  took my time getting to the recliner.  oh that was nice.  hello sleep.

playing the piano.  what a sound.   mostly good and for a purpose.

$700,000 dollars later, planned parenthood went home a little poorer after the republican candidate beat the democratic candidate down in atlanta.  how many of those $700,000 dollars were your tax money?

our trailer is back in nampa.

our redmond properties we still own.

heaven has room for lots of people.  even the most despicable ones.  isn't that something?

i have owned the most powerful paper shredder for many years.  it is scary.  it will handle about 4 pages at once.  it trims my fingernails sometimes.  not really.  well, maybe.

moody blues concert at chateau ste. michelle winery in woodinville washington.  outstanding.

it is not only a concert, it is a way to meet others. those that just go for the music miss lots.

it is an opportunity  to put your best foot forward.  it is not hard to do.

take advantage of time and places.  you may not ever get them back.

what about that red licorice as opposed to the black licorice.  red wins.

are you close to your family?

do you drive by the cardboard holders at freeway on-ramps?

are they being truthful, needing money for food?  or drugs?

we are victims of the night.

mechanical physical kryptonite.

so suddenly i'm in love with a stranger.

ok.  ice cream now.  not later.  maybe some popcorn too.  and diet 7-up.  or, maybe an apple.

i just cant decide.  help me decide.

i have never caught a person falling 25 feet from  a sky ride.

knock knock.  who's there?

hi all 7 grand kids!  love all of you. now go have fun.

hi chris.  now go on a vacation!

ice cream now.

i will return.


Thursday, March 16, 2017


Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness.
Women weren't created to do everything a man can do.  Women were created to do everything a man can't do.


Abortion ?  NO.     Adoption!  YES.


Don't underestimate me.  I know more than I say, think more than I speak, & notice more than you realize.


Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother.


All I need today is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus.


True love isn't Romeo & Juliet, it's Grandma & Grandpa who grew old together.


Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, "OH CRAP, SHE'S UP"


The fact that I'm a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I'm a Christian makes me a different kind of woman.


Saturday, February 25, 2017


Yesterday at Albertsons, one of our local grocery stores, I was in line to pay for my celery, cucumber, 3 beautiful tomatoes, and 2 cases of my favorite beverage, what I call Pretend Diet 7UP......Albertsons private labeled diet Lemon Lime.

I was in line.  The lady in front of me had a cart full of groceries.  A variety of this, and that.  The check out line that she and I were in was intended for those of us that had 15 items, or less.  She was well over the limit.  I took this time to practice my patience, and to just appreciate what we all have in our beautiful land.  Shelves of food, nice employees, a clean store.  We are very blessed to say the least.

This lady never looked at me (too embarrassed?).  Obviously, an apology never happened.  She seemed to not care.  It was about her.  Her little indiscretion was 'no big deal'.  It did not matter to her that most shoppers followed the 'rule'.....15 item line?  It's OK to maybe have 17 items, 20 at most.

Why is this a big deal?  Because this customer decided by herself, that she will do what is good for her, and not others.  That is sad.  She could have decided to do the right thing, and in doing so, she could feel good about herself, simply by doing the right thing.  It is a healthy way to live.  We need to put others first, and not ourselves.  If we do that, if we live by that, we can feel good about how we live, and how we can be thankful for what we have.

If this lady is fortunate enough to be a parent, a mother, I wonder how she teaches her children.  Does she teach her children that it is OK to cut corners in life?  Remember, it's no big deal.  Where does she draw the line.  Does she have a line?  Probably not.  Sad.

My rule is simply this.  I ask, 'what would Jesus do'?  Corny? Not really. It is my accountability.  It allows me to live a happy, purposeful life.

She missed an opportunity at real joy.  Oh well.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Another Moron, another Moron, and another..and another.....

Caught on camera, a young lady supporting Trump at one of the woman's marches, had her hair lit on fire by a deranged, angry, miserable, female soul.  Pray for both.  The arsonist.......moron.
1-24-17  2 PM  

Chelsea Handler says Melania Trump can barely speak English. That's correct.  Melania Trump speaks English, and 5 other languages fluently.   Chelsea Handler.......moron.
1-24-17   4:06 PM

The lady on the flight leaving Baltimore heading to Seattle, escorted off the flight because she is mad at Trump for winning the presidency (I think).......she needs clam chowder and she needs more meditation while looking at beautiful Mt. Rainier.  Oh, I guess it is better to be totally angry because she didn't get her way.  Sad...........moron.
1-24-17  11:10 PM

Some FAMILY members of Chrisette Michele, a singer who performed at President Trumps inauguration, said they would no longer TALK TO HER.   Family members.......morons.
1-25-17  10:15 AM

Questlove, upon hearing that Chrisette Michele accepted an invitation to sing at President Trumps inauguration, offered Chrisette Michele money NOT TO PERFORM...........moron.
1-25-17  10:16 AM

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Marchers. Wow. Lots of them. Some wonderful. Some not so much.

January 21st, 2017.   On that day the world, yes the world, saw millions of people (oh yea, there were men also football that day I guess) march for women's rights.  I believe many of those attending were for good, and noble causes.  Treating women badly, bullying them physically, and emotionally, should never happen. That, for most of us, is understandable. We must honor all women respectfully and with love, for they are, like men, made in the image of God. Grab your Bible and look at Genesis 1 verses 26 and 27.  No Bible?  Go buy one fool.  If after reading it a couple of times and you don't like it, give it to someone.  I doubt you'll give it away however.  If you read it a couple of times, you will keep it. So, now, keeping your Bible that you have read a couple of times, you can go buy a Bible and give it to someone.  How wonderful.  I must warn you......if you read the Bible, you might change.  Be careful.

Now, observations of people at the marches.......

The Hollywood female speakers....scary and angry they seem.......

Madonna......thinking of blowing up the White House.....a moron.

Ashley Judd........hatred coming out of her mouth, equating Trump to Hitler.....a moron.

Women marching with signs that most of us would never read or print......many morons.

The Washington DC leaders....Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, Vanessa Wruble, and Bob Bland (oh no, a guy......he needs football....come on Bob!)  One of them, or all of them, turned away a whole group of women that wanted to march, but they were told they were not welcome to march, because.....gulp, and sit down......they were know, against abortion, against murder, very decent women.  The 4 DC leaders.....ALL MORONS.

By the way, I had to decide between the word Moron, or Idiots......I chose 'Morons'.  More descriptive and just has a good ring to it.  Let me know if you agree, or if you have a word that you would use. Please, only good, printable, descriptive, moron-type words.

Morons. What a word.  It is becoming one of my favorite top 10 words. Ice Cream is my top word....OK, words cream.  Love that ice cream.  Makes for a good desert before dinner, and after.  Any time of day.....Yummy!

Oh, sorry.  More morons.

Mr. and Mrs. Darnell in the women's Seattle's march.....Allowing their 7 year of daughter to lead a chant about president Trump.. 'Hey Hey HO HO, Donald Trump has to go!'.  Hey Darnell's, find some crayons for your daughter........Morons.

(See Seattle Times front page picture Sunday edition Jan. 22, 2017 for that picture.......morons).

Seattle Times......Putting that picture on front page......morons.

Spelling woman this way....womxn.  Weird.........morxns.

OK.  Here is the plan.  Pray for all the morons.    And pray for our new President. And our old President.  Yes, they were both morons at times.  But we all are morons at times.  God forgives Morons.  Thank goodness.  Morons.


Friday, January 20, 2017


Best wishes to our new President Donald Trump.  And thank you to Barack Obama for your service to our country.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A very sad, mad, politician....

Dr. Ben Carson went before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee and answered many questions from many of the committee members, including Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren chose to use much of her time asking Dr. Carson, that if approved to become the HUD director, can he make sure that 'not one dollar of tax payers money will go to President Elect Trumps properties, financially benefiting neither him, nor his family'.  She was quite concerned that there might be a possibility of this happening due to Trumps vast real estate holdings, some of which might benefit low income people in need, thus putting tax payers money in his pockets.  Not one dollar!

Elizabeth Warren has no problem using tax payers dollars that fund Planned Parenthood, an organization that is in the business of abortion, and a killer of millions of babies.

It is not rational.  She needs help.

Monday, January 9, 2017


If I were a bachelor....

I'd eat lots of pizza.  And ice cream.
I'd probably never wash my sheets.
I'd use a sleeping bag to sleep in. Sell the sheets.
I'd have 5 dogs.  That would sleep on my bed.
I'd make a huge pot of coffee, and drink it over 3 days.
I'd use the same coffee grounds twice.
I'd get rid of most of the furniture in the house.
I'd use plastic forks and spoons. 3 real steak knives, 1 ice cream scoop.

I'd get rid of the vacuum and just use the leaf blower.

I'd wash my car.  
One side per week.  Yea, my car.  
I'd continue to wash the darks with the whites.  With bleach.
I'd hire teenagers to do my lawn, gardens, looking crabby all the time.
And then pay them a lot.  Still looking crabby of course.
I'd sit on the front porch early mornings drinking coffee.
I'd barbecue something for breakfast.

I'd call my brother more often.  Forget texting.
I'd do my best to be Christ like all the time.
I'd spend lots of time with my grand kids.
I'd still be a bachelor even though I have grand kids.
Don't worry about the details.  Ask my wife.  I'm still a bachelor.
I'd be a darn good bachelor.
I'd pick up hitchhikers. 
But only if they are real old, male, using a cane, holding 2 bags of groceries.
Oh yea, in the snow, and they have fallen down.  And they can't get up.
I'd call Kimmy and Todd lots more.
I'd eat peanut butter and pickles on sourdough.  Quite often.  Really.
I'd have a pallet of Diet 7-up in the garage just for the fun of it.
I'd stay off alcohol.

I'd dye my hair.  No I wouldn't.  Yes I would. I wouldn't.
I'd be a Conservative.  
I'd face issues head on.  Christ like of course.
I'd eat a snickers bar whenever I want to.
I'd eat peanut M and.........M's........ whenever I want to.
I'd go to movies a lot. Pixar stuff.  Star Wars stuff.  Comedies.
I'd buy the large popcorn and 7-up with a budget of $20.    
Oh yea, Red Vines.  To honor someone.

I'd always drive with my window down. Snow.  Rain. Sleet.  All of it.
I'd buy a convertable.
I'd have the top down all the time.  Snow.  Rain.  Sleet. All of it.
I'd always live by above entry by theimperfectpastor......and......Com.
I'd put my blender, toaster, tools, and work boots in the dishwasher.  Really.
I'd paint my house.  One side per year, forever.  Like my car.
I'd learn to use tools.
I'd never put my blower away.
I'd bleach everything.

I'd adopt every time.
I'd drive an old car.
I'd spend my money on a 65 inch TV.
I'd give away the rest.
I'd continue to be a little different.
I'd be more peaceful.
I'd confront people as needed.  Like Jesus did.
I'd continue to watch my grand kids grow up. 
But I'm a bachelor.  I'm confused.  Oh well.
I'd get married so I could have grand kids.
I'd never get on Face Book.
I'd eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches also.  Of course on Sourdough.
I'd look for my vacuum cleaner.
I'd paint more often.  I don't know what though.  I know! Gravidee.
I'd continue to watch stories about dog rescues on YouTube.
I'd then buy more Kleenex.
I'd continue to go to concerts.
I'd probably see my wife there.  Hi Chris.
I'd still be confused being a bachelor and having a wife. 
"Hey girl.  What's your name again?"  I always forget my wifes name.....

But you all must know. I am not a bachelor.  I am married to the coolest, radically
good wife that has allowed me to do the above things.  

She encourages me to do them.

Pretty Cool!