Saturday, December 17, 2011



I'm going to lay down now......I will be going to work in a couple of hours.

I will dream of oatmeal cookies. Yummy.

Find your kindness.


Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well....anyway, here I am drinking coffee. Of course in the land of make believe, it is a Starbucks brew. I had such a gracious welcome back on my last post...simply called 'HI Pals'......I thought I'd do another. What the heck.

So, my 3 girlfriends.....Mary the hat lady and the WOW lady and the grandma lady.....Dee Dee the remodel lady and the mama of 2 teenagers lady and the lives east of Seattle lady......and Judy the picture taking lady and the Disney vacation lady and the lives in Florida lady.......all 3 said hello back to me on my last post. Hello.

Life is good. Just got married to my 5th wife. She promises me that she is not after my money.....but dang, she is already upset that I have 3 girlfriends in all corners of the world. This new wife....I think her name is Betty....she's a firecracker. Anyway, enough of this talk about Betty, which now that I think about it, her name is Elizabeth. Whatever.

(insert picture here)

So, how ya'll been?

I'm doing pretty darn special. Chris (first wife) just came in to see how I was doing and to see if I needed any help on this blog/post/innerweb communication. Yes, it is true. Chris still lives under the same roof with me and whats her name. Chris gets along well with Ellen. I think that's her name....Ellen. She looks like an "Ellen".

(picture here)

Ranin' here in Seattle today. And Cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. What we have here is a wet cold, as opposed to a dry cold. Either way, when you're sixty, it doesn't matter if its a wet cold, or a dry cold......cold is cold. Hot is hot........and I need coffee right now.

(put another picture here)

Got to go to bed for a little nap now.....heading to work tonite at 9:30 PM. Alcohol and Drug treatment amazing place...I get to participate in saving lives......

(picture here)

Now to close are some thoughts to ponder:

1. Will the Seahawks make the playoffs?

2. Is the Pope Catholic?

3. Will we ever see a movie better than JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH?

4. Have any of you taken a nap, and then gone to bed after your nap?

5. Ponder this: put grated Tillamook cheese on your next bowl of popcorn, followed by a drizzling of a 1/2 pound of Tillamook real butter. Warsh it down with pretend 7-up from Safeway. Go to nearest ER for cholesterol checkup

6. Wake up and smell the roses.

And remember......Those who anger us, also control us.

Take care pals.

Tom g.

From Seattle Washington