Sunday, April 10, 2011


OK, this post is not about Quilting, but it is a catchy title. I think if I liked quilting, I'd really like it, but I've never I really don't know.

Review of Summer 2011

It was such a fun summer, I don't know where to start...Hey....wait a minute, summer hasn't happened yet. Oh, I am confused. My wife Chris, I think, asked me if I was looking forward to summer and I think I started daydreaming. That was 2 weeks ago. Thus, the review. Never mind.

I need a picture at this point in this blog or post or whatever this thing is called.

So this first picture tells me something. I'm emotional, and, I need a 'rug', if you know what I mean. I told Chris that if she ever saw a 'rug' at Value Village, I'd wear it if she brought it home.

So, instead of telling you what I did this past summer, which is still to come, I will tell you what I did these past 11 days. NOTHING! Not really, I did lots of stuff. Here are some pictures and my own commentary. You can either believe what I say, or not. Completely up to you.

Taught the dogs the game 'Hide and Seek' this picture, they both hid in this quilt...hey, Quilt! This post IS about Quilting, isn't it? Fabulous. Anyway, I found both dogs pretty quickly in this first go at Hide and Seek. Lucy bit me when I started laughing at her. NEXT!

Refer up to the barbecue. As you can see, the barbecue itself is brand new......stainless steel look, in fact it is stainless steel.....high quality, good value, product from my favorite retailer, Costco. (I love Costco....lowers my blood pressure and basically causes me to feel like I'm floating). Back to the barbecue..... It is so shiny, I can even brush my teeth while looking into the mirror-like hinged hood. Notice also the high quality hot dogs....also from Costco. If you look real carefully, you see the flame actually cooking the hot dogs...... NEXT!

Of the 11 days off that I took from work (at the same time that Chris took time off from her job) the above 2 stories were in the first 2 hours of the first day.....But the most unusual time was when Arthur (our 9 pound Yorkshire Terrier) came up to me and asked if I could teach him how to use the new clicker for our new TV, entertainment center, audio-visual extravaganza. No I barked. I told him that even I didn't know how to use the new clicker.....Not to be upset about that, Arthur decided to watch TV anyway. His motto 'Any TV is better than no TV'....he growls at me if I walk in front of him, especially if Judge Judy is on.

And that Oriental that Arthur is sitting on .......I cleaned, I was thinking of cleaning it. I'll do that next Spring vacation.

Other stuff I did.....lots of naps just before bed. Lots of barbecue...chicken, polish dogs, wanted to do some steaks, vegetables. Chris (love that girl) got me a metal, stand-up-to-high-heat-on-the-barbecue, pan type thing that is used for veggies on the barbecue. So delicious. Mowed lawns, used my weed wacker.....(lost no blueberry plants...had to be there) had Starbucks with pals, took Chris out to dinner, got our Moody Blues tickets.....June 5th at St. Michelle Winery..walked in the rain in shorts and no umbrella.....try it you big babies. It is refreshing and we ARE waterproof. Watched on our new Sony system our first place Seattle Mariners baseball team. TV in high definition is out of this world, like Pluto or something. Finished up with scuba diving in the great Puget Sound, swam with the Orcas...and jumped out of a couple of airplanes, and you would all be proud of me. I remembered to put on my chute this time.

See you all again sometime. Until then, happy trails to you, and all that stuff....