Saturday, October 4, 2014

Isn't this the most fun you have ever had!

I just got my blogger thing back after having to buy a new computer.  Old one crashed.  My smarter than me son showed me how to get to my blog post area of the inter web.  I do not understand how computers work, but I mowed lots of lawns and never needed to know how those machines, and the engines worked. Just pull the cord and the dang thing starts.  I love mowing in a downpour because all my neighbors, that I don't know, spy through their windows at me thinking I'm crazy.  I love pretending being crazy in a nice way.  Back to my son helping me navigate the Internet......Google Chrome was mixed in there somehow.

Before I go further, I must share that my youngest grandson, Silas, in Nampa Idaho, was just diagnosed with some heart problems, and will have to have open heart surgery in 2 to 4 Children's Hospital in Seattle.  My wife Chris, has been in Idaho, helping our daughter, her husband, and 3 other beautiful grand kids.  Silas has been in the hospital for the last 4 or 5 days getting checkups, and getting strong, anticipating this surgery.  Please pray for Silas, and his family, and the staff at Children's Hospital.  Thank you all.  To be continued......

So, it has been about ten days since I started this post......first 2 crash and grandson Silas.  Silas is still in Nampa Idaho with family waiting for the doctors at Children's Hospital in Seattle to schedule his surgery. Silas is a cool little guy, not even a year old.  He knows how to smile, and he has no idea about his frail little body.  He only knows love from his family.  Hard to describe the Tersieff family other than they give God all of the glory.  And they pray everyday....prayer of thanks.  Simply amazing family.

Hey is raining today here in Seattle.  You would not like it.  So, go to the sun in Arizona. And remember, we are the World Champion Seattle Seahawks.  A virtual pasting of the Denver Broncos.
Those Broncos really stunk it up in New Jersey. forward to today:  October 10, 2014.  I have neglected my posts, you, and sharing.
Update.....Silas is now very healthy.  He had his open heart surgery 5 months ago, and came out with a new, healthy, repaired, heart.  Very talented and dedicated staff at Children's Hospital in Seattle and are we blessed! Silas is getting stronger and stronger each day.  He has gained weight, travels like crazy in his walker/scooter, and smiles and laughs about 95% of the time.  Chris and I will be spending Thanksgiving dinner over in Nampa next month with Silas and family.....and.....our son, Todd, daughterinlaw Stephanie, and our grandson Trey.  Trey just a little over 2 years old and a great little guy.  Loves learning and doing and running and wondering.  Treys specialty today is the sounds of cars, trucks, and motorcycles, not to mention horns and sirens.  Whoa baby Trey!  Good sounds!

Heading off to Ellensburg Washington today for a wedding reception.  Daughter of a high school buddy.....we used to drink a lot of beer together then, but that is a whole different sotry.....It is about a 2 hour drive over the Cascade mountains in Washington State.  In about 5 weeks we will have to have studded tires on our car to make that same drive....winter is on it's way.  Brrrrrrr.

Lovely sunny day here in Redmond Washington.....going to be about 70 out, but for all you that are thinking about moving here to enjoy our outdoors, indoors, activities, way of life, happiness, and just general good stuff, beware, it will rain very hard and the wind will appear from nowhere.  It will be miserable.  You wont like it here.  MMMMMMMMM.

I will try and do more posts more often now that I have this great new laptop....take care.

TYL.      tomg


  1. I love how you do one post that cover six months!
    Love Ya!

  2. Wow Tom as I was reading your post I was beginning to worry that Silas needed a second surgery! So glad I kept reading to the end ! Glad to see you are doing well! I hope you are enjoying time with friends at the wedding this weekend... and I like to mow the grass while wearing a skirt... like going to a party. I am sure my neighbors have to wonder at that too! Hey from someone out there... take care!
    dee dee

  3. Hello, anyone there! Wow, I'm glad you are back to your blog. I've been keeping up on the family with reading Christine's blog. Happy to hear Silas is well. You can keep the cold weather. My blood has thinned out too much with living in FL. Just returned from spending the weekend in the Keys. Great weather and food. Now, since you mow the grass in the rain will you be shoveling the snow wearing shorts? Just a thought. Have a great week!! Jude