Saturday, November 18, 2017

Enjoy your ice cream Charles Darwin.

Evolution is a theory. 

Been around for the last 150 years or so. 

Charles Darwin thought up his theory, while at a Dairy Queen. 

Well, not quite a Dairy Queen yet.

(Darwin wanted a Dairy Queen now).

But it needed to be built.

Anyway, Darwin was at a neighbors house, and was served a very delicious slushy type drink. 

Darwin was hoping like heck that his drink would be carbonated.

But it was not.

Carbonation had not yet evolved. 

An intelligent person did find, and perfect, carbonation a little later.

Darwin was getting frustrated with the theory of evolution.  He wanted that carbonation. 

Oh well. 

Dairy Queen however, would, over time, evolve in those 150 years.

But not without newer and better building materials.

And lots of talented labor to build the building.

Hey, a new building just couldn't build itself.

Those builders were necessary.

The materials needed to be put together properly.

Not randomly.

It had to look like a Dairy Queen.

Not a tree house.

Or a pile of wood.

Dang! Darwin says.

Getting back to that slushy drink.

That cold slushy thing that Darwin enjoyed would not evolve into a yummy chocolate sundae.

Someone with great intelligence, had to create, and perfect ice cream.

"Dang it" said Darwin. 

He wanted that Dairy Queen to evolve, as his theory said it would. 

Sort of like his theory of evolution, and all of the animals, and humans, and flowers, and bacteria.

And sea monsters, and birds, and crocodiles.

And DNA, and bones, and blood, and human organs, and human eyes.

And giraffes, and enzymes, and elephants, and fruit flies that did evolve. 

All evolved, his theory says, over millions and millions, and more, millions of years. 

Or did they? 

Maybe evolved.

Hopefully evolved.

Probably didn't evolve.

Were created.

By God.

Science today refutes Darwins theory of evolution. Science today confirms just the opposite.  Creation.  Science today confirms that we are here through the creation of God.  Very simple.  All documented in the Bible. God created everything.  Even science.