Sunday, October 30, 2016

8 or 9 hours in the car. It's OK.

Getting ready to leave our home in Nampa.  And.....heading to Redmond Washington our old home.   Leave November 1.  Return same month. 

Takes about 9 hours comfortably.  Do it in 8 is possible.  Lots of terrified looks and emotions as the 8 hour time frame requires really bad driving, speeding, screaming, loud music, and of course, driver side window always open.  The 89 mile-per-hour speed creates hurricane type sounds that keeps the driver totally awake.  And the passenger.  Passenger usually my wife.  In fact, it is always my wife.  We never, never, never pick up hitch hikers.  Don't have any room in the car.  We always bring a ton of items, food, coolers, bikes, spiders, clothes, and lots of other know, stuff we do not need. 

Got a LOF for the car.  Put our studded tires on......4 studded tires!  Of the 7 hour trip, 4 of those hours are across mountain passes, and about every 20 minutes or so, we see signs that say something like this "Chain up Area 1/2 mile"  and  "Chain removal Area 1/2 mile".  Chris hates putting on chains.  She says she gets very cold.  The solution?  We do not travel back and forth during the cold months.  So, no chains required.  Smart.  LOF means Lube, Oil, Filter by the way.  Car likes LOF.  Runs like a sewing machine with that new oil.

To be continued.......heading out for some fresh air, and load the chains should we need them.  You just never know.  Chris hates those chains.

I think it is now 3 days later.....I think I had to visit the kitchen for some kind of goodie.....such as ice cream, or popcorn (with shredded sharp cheese on top of it) or hidden chocolate chip cookies, or pretzels and diet 7-up, or if really desperate, grapes.  In any case, it's all good stuff.  It would be nice to find a chocolate cake every once in a while.  That never happens.  I'd eat 2 or 3 servings if I did find a chocolate cake......definitely.  And if fortunate enough to find some good Tillamook vanilla ice cream with very minimal preservatives, I'd slather it all over the chocolate cake wedges.  And I just know that while scooping the ice cream, I'd have chocolate frosting all over my face.  But of course, I never find chocolate cake.  I blame my partner, my significant other, my best friend, my soul mate.....crap, whats her name?  Oh yea, Polly. No, Candace. No, Muffin.  Muffin? I don't think so. What is her name...!  I'll be right back.  Found it.  Chris!  Whoa.  I can't remember the last time I forgot her name.  I think it was October 2015.  Chris is the reason I get no Chocolate cake.   I really don't understand her at times.  Mean.  Oh well.

So, weather here in Idaho is down-right pleasant.  End of October, and we have shorts on, no umbrellas used,  roses still blooming.  It makes me want to just dance!  That gives me a memory.  Without a lot of detail, I was once asked to leave the dance floor while trying to learn country line dancing.  In a tavern in Seattle with Chris before we were married.  It was painful for her.  Very embarrassed I think.  I have to tell you that I also felt horrible.  Not really.  The guy on the microphone calling out the steps ...... was basically a creep.  He just couldn't see me as a dancer and he gave up on me. "You, in the plaid shirt.....please leave the dance floor"  "Yea, you pal".  "Yes, off the floor now".  Sad.  Not real sad.  Medium to above medium sad.

Hey,  Chris just told me that I get the TV if we divorce.  She gets everything else.  That's fair. "Hey Chris, can I have the weed wacker too?  Please".  I love the weed wacker.  She said she'd think about it. She's tough.  Said I could come back to the house and use the weed wacker anytime.  I remind her that we are going on 39 or 40 or 42 years of marriage.  Can't  quite remember which is correct.  I'd say close to 40 years.  Dang.  No divorce here.  We are too much in love.  How's that sound?  Sorta weird if you ask me......."Chris, can I have some ice cream?"  She is so nice.  She will bring me a scoop.   Oh yea.
OK.  That's all for now.  Gettin ready for a great Sunday.

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  1. Hi Tom, oh how I miss these stories!! Enjoy your travels with your studded tires and chains, just in case and of course, Chris....

    Happy Halloween!