Friday, October 21, 2016


Well, they left Nampa, headed to Portland, the whole family....son-in-law Mark, the leader of the pack.  Daughter Kimmy, the director of the pack, and 5 grand kids.  Yes, 'The Pack'.

And who are the pack you ask? attention. of our 3, most beautiful, inside and out, granddaughters.  Lulu is our first grandchild. There are six more now behind her. Lulu is so joyful, and what a role model.  She has a special place in my heart.  Lulu loves the world, and she loves to learn.

Levi.......Is there anyone out there that has a sword, real, or made of wood, or a picture of some crazy fancy car, boat, railroad car, or a pile of Lego's.    Levi loves all that stuff, and much more.  He is sorta quiet, but loves everything and everybody.  A thoughtful grandson.  He has five behind him.

Ila May.......what can I say about this free spirit.....lots! As soon as Ila May could walk and talk, she was fun to watch.  How funny, how loving, how driven......oh, Ila May wanted to know how things were done, and you better be with her to  show her how things get done, otherwise she will create how things are done.....yes, create.  One of our 3, most beautiful, inside and out, granddaughters. 4 more after her.

Silas........our 'open heart surgery guy' at 12 months, grandson.  So, now, look out.  Silas gets up and goes!  Likes to wrestle, likes to run, likes to ask questions.  Totally listens to his older siblings, and tests them also.  Not so much testing Mom though.  3 more.

Isaac.  Our youngest  grandchild.  Beautiful kid, with the makeup of a bulldog..  (sorry Kimmy).
Watch out Levi and Silas......I foresee a three way wrestling match in the near out for the bulldog.  Oh yes, 2 more.

And.....we have two beautiful grand kids in Seattle....Trey, the dinosaur man, and his most gorgeous sister, Scarlett.  Watch out Trey, Scarlett is watching you.  Are you missing any dinosaurs Trey?  You might want to inventory your cool toys Trey! 

So, I am very proud of our 7 grand children.  All unique (isn't that Gods plan?).  All happy.  All silly.  And all have outstanding, unique, happy, and of course, silly parents.  Mark and Kimmy.....and  Todd and Stephanie......

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