Thursday, May 23, 2019

Well Now What




Oh,  lets go to church this Sunday.  We might meet new friends.  We will hear a sermon.  The good stuff.

Oh,  lets watch the Super Bowl.  Also this Sunday.  DVR the game.  Only if you go to church.

Oh,  what about a quick phone call to brothers or sisters.  My siblings do not like our president.  They call him a liar.  They say he is immoral and a racist.  Hey, how do you come to that conclusion brothers and sisters?  Just be nice and tell them you love them.

Oh,  and all the snow this year fell last year.  Back to the future type thing.  What?

Oh,  if you have any questions about your faith,  go to channel 378 (DirecTV) and watch Todd Friel on his daily WRETCHED TV.  His humor might just cast you into a frenzy of wanting more information about.......The Creator.  Do not watch him if you don't like to laugh.

Oh,  I'm making dinner tonight, so hurry up and read this.

Oh,  I will be back. 

Oh,  Pickles & peanut butter washed down with an orange.  Burp.

Oh,  that wasn't dinner.  That was snack.  Good snack.

Oh,  dinner was barbecue burgers.  No buns though.

Oh,  and did anyone read the story about small galaxies (an oxy moron) spiraling around our Milky Way Galaxy in the same direction as the Milky Way, and on the same plain.  For the longest time, astronomers believed these Galaxies were on the outside of the Milky Way, in no particular order......Chaotic they said.  This finding is messing with their brains.  Hey astronomers, God designed the Universe.  That is how this new discovery is explained.  And, what took you so long to figure this out?

Oh,  a year ago I was shoveling snow in 20 degree weather.  45 degrees right now.  11 PM.

Oh,  if you want to hear another view regarding Creation vs. Macro-Evolution, look to Google and YouTube, and put in 'James Tour'.  His lecture is "THE STORY OF LIFE: AN INSIDE STORY"  Tour is a chemistry professor at Rice University.  Done in 2016, it will change your mind.  If you do not listen, and if you do not agree, listen again.

Oh,  see you tomorrow.