Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Guys,  Guys.  Are you there?  Let me in Guys."   Those words quoted by daughter Kimmy at Cannon Beach Oregon about 25 years ago.  Kimmy is now a mother of 4 beautiful kids, making me a grandpa for the last 6 years.

Remember him?  Big darn dude.  He lives with us now.  Travels with us in the car.  Hangs out the widow like a silly dog.  Ate alot of bugs hanging out that window.  Lots of slobber flying too!

Anyways, I have been lost in space looking for my blog-post thing on my computer, and here it is.  So the above quoted words of  guys , guys etc. is appropriate for this blog...I mean post.  Oh what the smog most and toast.  I love toast.

How's all you been lately?  My last thing/post I sent was about 15 months ago.  I quit posting because I decided to search for the best ice cream in the world, took me all of those 15 months, and became exhausted tasting and documenting, and WOW x 2...I found it right here in my back yard of Redmond Washington....right at the local Safeway.  Safeway brand Vanilla.

And don't be confused.  The above Ditto cans are not the Safeway packaging for their world famous vanilla brand vanilla ice cream.  They are the new packaging for a new private label Jell-o.  Glorious.

The guy holding the cans in this picture is you-know-who.  Who, you say?  I don't know who it is.  Nice smile.  

Squinty eyed fellow.  Good  person.  Trustworthy. Listens.  Generous.  Probably hysterically funny in a good kinda way.  Not too much over the top, if you know what I mean.  

Drizzly today here in Redmond Washington.....low 60's.  I'm gettin me a suntan today.  Take care out there and  be nice...I will return ......


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  1. Hello, hello anyone there! OMG have you been hibernating all this time! Glad you are back. I ALWAYS laugh when I read your post with most! Cannot wait for the next one, hopefully there will be one sooner than later.

    Weather report from Florida, yes I am going to rub it in....Let's see Sunny, sunny and oh yeah sunny! Temps in the low 90's so you will certainly get a tan here! Come on down and bring Chris with you!! Have a great weekend! Jude