Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Chris suggested that I get back into listening talking creating writing posting blogging.  I said no.  I just want to eat ice cream.  Boy was that the wrong thing to say.  She called the police.  I'm afraid of her.  So, I changed my mind and decided to go with it.  Whew!  Good decision Tom G!  Hi Jude.  Where's my ice cream.  I love that stuff.  Especially vanilla.

LISTENING - Is there anybody out there?  That is what I'm talking about....wait....that is the next subject in this dissertation.  Listening, as we all know, is the best medicine when dealing with rude people.  We say nothing, give a fake smile, nod our heads a little showing fake interest, and when they are done, we beat the crap out of them.  I hate listening.  But I do it because it is good medicine for me...I like the medicine metaphor.  Did I spell metaphor right?  I really don't even know what metaphor means.  I heard it used in a sentence while LISTENING to someone.....and dang I said..I'm using that word someday.  Hi Jude.  So, wall-ah....metaphor is used!  To cap off this part of this mess, just remember...Listen more.  Talk less.  Or, here is a good one....Wag more.  Bark less.  Or....combine them in no particular order....Listen more.  Bark Less.  Bark less.  Listen less.  Wag more. Scratch less.  You know what I mean.

TALKING - OK, I talk alot.  But it has to be the right time and with the right person.  Jude.  Whereas I use to tell everyone how they needed to be, I now just say, " are you, I like your pigtails"...or something like that.  In other words, I try to be complimentary, without being too strange.  excuse me for a second....Hey Chris, bring me another bowl of ice cream!!!  Crap.  She said, "get it yourself bub".  Maybe if I throw in a 'please'  I'll get a bowl.  Chris!  Honey.  Please?  No.    I am so sad.  I love ice cream.  Anyways....getting back to talking.  It is a nice way to get to know others...even immediate family,  like say, a husband or a wife. Chris!  Anything you want to talk about?  Nevermind.

CREATING -  Way back in 8th grade, in art, we were asked to make an animal of our choice in paper-mache.  Walking into our classroom when we were all done, you would think you were at the San Diego zoo.  Until you came to my project.  I have no idea what I made.  It did not resemble anything in the animal kingdom.  I created a monster.  Dancing and paper-macheing in my world does not exist.  Sad but true. I can do the twist however.  Whenever I hear Chubby Checker on the radio, I do the twist.  Nice.  "Chris, Please can I have a piece of bread, please?" (notice: 2 'pleases')  I know what she is doing.  She is ignoring me.  She is pretending to be deaf.  I call it selective listening.  Effective I must say.  "Love you my angel"  and I mean that....even though I'm a little steamed for being turned down on a lousy piece of bread....OK, I'm over with it now.  Very peaceful now.  Or as Ringo says.."peace and love.  peace and love"  Wish I had his money.
(first person to identify above picture will get a call from my agent.  Hi J.  I can't remember my agents name.  I think he/she was an agent.  He/she may have been in the clergy....ah, whatever)

WRITING-POSTING-BLOGGING - As you can see, I have combined the last 3 quote-un-quote subjects because essentially I am doing all 3 at the same time with all of this mumbo-jumbo.  Hi Jude. Summer has arrived here in the great northwest (you know...Seattle!)  We know it is Summer because we put away our umbrellas and break out the khaki-shorts, white tenny runners and black socks.  Love it.  So, when it does rain, we have no worries.  Underdog is here. We do not reach for the umbrella.  We do not look for our raincoat.  We do not worry about getting our feet sloshy and wet.  We all say pretty much the same mantra..."we will dry off!!!"  It is the way to live.  We visit 7-11 alot for their specials. A sign of Summer.
I'm doing fine.

See you later alligators.